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Friday, December 28, 2007

feral cat

After talking to a friend who has dealt with feral cats a lot more than I have, she gave me some good ideas on how to bond with the cat. I had been feeding it baby food but it never ate it in front of me. So, I got some beef baby food and put it on the end of a straw. I put the straw through the spaces in the bars and tried to lure it closer to me. At first, I didn't know if she would eat it. She hissed and it scared me so I jerked the straw back and a little fell off the straw. She ate that and got a little more interested in what I was giving her. I decided maybe she would feel more comfortable if she didn't have to see me while she ate it. So, I let her hide behind a blanket that I had draped over one of the cages and angled the straw in so she could eat off it without seeing me so much. Over the next few minutes, I made her move a little to get it and she did. She actually looked at me a few times while eating it off the straw. I am beginning to think maybe she is trusting me more.

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