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Monday, December 31, 2007

feral cat

I was able to get two larger cages for her today and I think she likes them a lot better. She probably has twice the room that she did have. I also put a strap around her litter box to try to minimize the amount she can spill. When I went in to give her some chicken baby food, she seemed very relaxed and maybe even...content. She was sitting in her litter box and started rolling around. She moved to the other side of the cage and walked back which she has never done before in front of me. She usually stays in one spot unless she is going to the other side to hide. I had blankets over both sides of the cages with sections uncovered so she could see out. I put a cardboard box with blankets in it in there for her to lay in. She is in a spare bedroom and I keep the door open with a baby gate closing it off so my cats can't get in. I want her to smell, hear, and see us and my other cats. She seems to be curious about what we are doing in the rest of the apartment.

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