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Sunday, November 30, 2008

BAD RAP Blog: Let's get this party started! - Wanted: Fun for dogs

This article is very interesting. You know those dogs from Houston? They are all sentenced to death. Remember the "Vick" dogs? They were rehabilitated. Why? This blog post on The Pet Connection blog goes into that.

BAD RAP Blog: Let's get this party started! - Wanted: Fun for dogs

Freezing dogs and cats!

It is snowing outside this morning. Our first snow of the season. While it is barely an inch covering the ground, it is still unbearably cold out. I am anxious and worried about all of "my" chained dogs and feral cats. Although I need to be studying for finals and getting those last papers written, I am tempted to do my rounds and make sure they are warm. Most people won't even answer the door so I can give their dog some hay so it is probably useless to go out. I cannot enter a back yard without the owner's okay. If I do, I can be arrested. I might take an hour or two later this afternoon if I get enough work done for school. I am really worried about them.

Can you give a cat or dog a temporary home?

FOPAS Volunteers and Community Friends Needed to Save our Strays!

Due to the change in seasons and current economic conditions, FOPAS is in desperate need of foster homes for our cats and dogs. With limited space available at the shelter, without your help we will need to turn animals away. Your support will save lives!

What is a foster home? FOPAS provides food and medical while the foster family provides love and an indoor home until the cat or dog finds a forever family. Long and short term commitments are available. We ask that you transport the animal to Saturday adoptions and/or be available to meet a FOPAS volunteer with the potential adoptive family evenings or weekends.

Fostering is a rewarding experience and helps us know more about an animal's behavior so we can match with the best possible home.

If you are interested, please contact Leslie at Thank you in advance for your friendship and support!  Visit our site at

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Spay/neuter options in Kern County California

Some low cost spay/neuter options

Kern County Animal Control
Main number: 868-7100
Web site:
To be eligible, families must be 150 percent above the federal poverty level.
Participants must complete an eligibility application and if you are eligible, you must pay a $20 co-payment up front (cash, check or credit card).
Once the co-pay is received, the county will issue a voucher for the entire cost of the surgery.
The vouchers don’t cover “extras” such as if the pet is pregnant, or ill and follow up care is the owner’s responsibility.
Vouchers have expiration dates so you must get the surgery before it expires.
It’s important to get your pets weight right so the surgeon knows how much anesthsia is required.
The county has participating veterinarians in Bakersfield, Delano, Lebec, Ridgecrest and Wasco.
You can pick up an application at any of the shelters or call the county or go online.
Limit four vouchers per person per lifetime.

SPCA - H.O.P.E. Program
Bakersfield SPCA: 323-8353
Web site: http://www.bakersfieldspca....
The H.O.P.E. Foundation picks up pets at the SPCA, 3000 Gibson Street, twice a month, on Mondays, and takes them to its facility in Fresno for alteration surgeries. Animals stay overnight.
Owners make arrangements and pay through the SPCA. They then drop off and pick up their animals at the Gibson Street location.
Cats, spay $55, neuter, $45
Dogs, between $65 and $115 depending on type of surgery and weight.
Rabies vaccinations are required for all animals. If proof cannot be provided there is an additional $12 charge for a vaccination prior to transport.
Medi-Cal holders can apply to the Kern Humane Society (325-2589) for assistance.

Microchipping Clinic in Kansas City, KS Dec 6

December 6th – 10:00am-1:00pm- $25.00
Microchip event at Rosedale Community Center, 1403 Southwest Blvd. Kansas City KS 66103

Contact The Pet Connection for more info:
Sponsored by The Pet Connection
5918 Broadmoor St
Mission, KS 66202
(913) 671-7387

Friday, November 28, 2008

Like Slinkies?

Thanks to my boyfriend, who sent me this cute video!

Hyde County NC Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic Scheduled Dec 3

Pampered Pets Guide blog: Hyde County Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic Scheduled

A low cost Spay & Neuter Clinic is scheduled for December 3rd, 2008
at the Hyde County Animal Shelter located at
9300 North Lake Rd, Fairfield, NC.

The time is from 9 am - until.

If you are a Hyde County Resident & need to schedule your pets for spay or neuter, please contact Animal Control Officer JM Eakes at
252-542-0807 for more information.

For more information on the Hyde County Animal Control & the Hyde
County Animal Shelter please the Pampered Pets Guide blog link below

**If you read this after the date listed, contact the organization/clinic.  Often times, they offer these services on a regular basis.  If not, these clinics may offer the low cost clinics once a month.  You can use the same contact information listed above.**

Low cost vaccination and microchip clinic in Kansas City, MO Dec 6

Spay & Neuter Kansas City is holding a vaccination and microchip clinic on Saturday, December 6 from 10am-12pm at 6817 Stadium Drive (off I-70 & Manchester--in the Kansas City Tow Lot). $10/shot (for dogs: rabies, da2pp, bordtella and for cats: rabies, fvrcp) $15 microchip, $12 KCMO city tag (for pets that have been fixed), free dewormer if you bring an item for a needy pet.

If you have a pet that is not fixed please email or call
816-353-0940 to set up an appointment for a low-cost spay/neuter.
We recommend that pets get fixed between 8 weeks and 6 months to avoid associated health and behavioral problems from arising.

**If you read this after the date listed, contact the organization/clinic.  Often times, they offer these services on a regular basis.  If not, these clinics may offer the low cost clinics once a month.  You can use the same contact information listed above.**

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mars Petcare US announced an extension of recall...

Mars Petcare US announced an extension of a previously announced voluntary recall of dry cat and dog food products manufactured at its Allentown, Pennsylvania facility with “Best By” dates between August 11, 2009 – October 3, 2009. The pet food is being voluntarily recalled because of potential contamination with Salmonella. This voluntary recall affects product sold at BJ’s Wholesale Club, ShopRite Supermarkets, and Wal-mart locations in Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Vermont, and West Virginia.

This action is an extension of the voluntary recall issued on October 27, 2008 of all sizes of SPECIAL KITTY® Gourmet Blend dry cat food produced at the Allentown facility on August 11, 2008. We recently learned that an additional sample of SPECIAL KITTY® made on September 25, 2008 at the Allentown facility tested positive for Salmonella. There have been no reported cases of human or pet illness caused by Salmonella associated with products produced at this facility. Mars Petcare US is taking an additional precautionary action to protect pets and their owners by extending the October 27, 2008 voluntary recall to include all dry pet food product produced at the facility with “Best By” dates between August 11, 2009 and October 3, 2009.

Photos with Santa (for pets & kids) Dec 4, 6, 13 to Benefit the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City

Photos with Santa (for pets & kids)
Thursday, December 4: 4 to 7pm
Saturdays, December 6 & 13: 11am to 3pm
6935 Tomahawk, in the Prairie Village Shops
(between C. Jack’s Sidewalk Café and The Princess Club)

Photos are $5
Celebrate the season with Santa, while helping to raise money for Kansas City’s homeless pets. All proceeds will benefit the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City.

For more information, contact Robin Rowland at
913-596-1000 x 14 or email

Women Breastfeeding Animals-*Graphic Pics*

This is pretty disturbing.  I would never do this but if these animals can only get milk in this way, I guess the woman has a choice to do this.  I do worry about this woman above because she has a baby who needs that milk.   I don't know the situation, so I guess I can't judge.  At least they aren't hurting the animals.

More Pictures (External Site)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Boy Scout Builds Five Feral Cat Houses to Help Kitties

A Boy Scout on his way to becoming an Eagle Scout has built 5 feral cat houses with the help of his father, a veterinarian, and some fellow boy scouts.  He has donated them to The Cleveland Animal Protective League who will distribute them to residents who feed feral cats. 

The elevated wooden houses have an entrance on one side that will allow cats to go around an interior corner to a compartment where body heat will help them survive the winter. Cedar chips or straw can be added to increase their comfort. The shelters have a removable top so they can be cleaned.
Harvey said, "Lending a helping hand to cats who can't be socialized and will never know the pleasure of a lap or the stroke of a human hand is surely a selfless and model act of citizenship for all of us."

Low cost spay neuter in Las Cruces, NM in December

LAS CRUCES - Low-cost spay clinics will be offered by the Dona Ana County Sheriff's Department Animal Control Division and various community organizations using the county's new animal control disaster relief and rescue vehicle.

Several community groups and organizations plan to bring the free spay clinics to various communities within Dona Ana County.

Clinics are scheduled for Dec. 5 through Dec 7, as well as Dec. 12 through Dec. 14 at the Community Center parking lot in Chaparal. Owners are asked to drop their pet off at 7 a.m. and bring vaccination records at the time of the drop off. 

Co-pays are $15 for cats and $25 for dogs. Pet owners must sign up in advance, as available slots will fill up quickly.  Registrations can be made by calling Childress at (575) 525-8857 or SNAP at (575) 524-9265.

**If you read this after the date listed, contact the organization/clinic.  Often times, they offer these services on a regular basis.  If not, these clinics may offer the low cost clinics once a month.  You can use the same contact information listed above.**

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Four ways to get your cat to drink more water.

Your cat needs water-probably more than it's drinking now. Here are some easy ways to get them to drink more.

  1. If you give them wet food, put water in it. Wet food already has a higher moisture content than dry food but I always add water to it still-I have never had a cat turn it down. If you don't give them wet food, put some water from some water packed tuna into the water.
  2. Increase the amount of bowls of water you have. Put them in different spots, some cats like to be able to choose where they drink.
  3. Provide different types of bowls. Deep bowls, shallow bowls, glass, stainless steel, ceramic, etc.
  4. Try moving water! Buy a fountain or let the faucet drip for a bit.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Consumed by thoughts of cats

I am becoming increasingly consumed by the thought of cats and chained dogs outside in the cold. I live in Kansas City and it is starting to freeze at night. During the day, I am able to push the thoughts of shivering kitties from my mind. As the clock ticks by and evening comes, I become anxious that I can't save all of them.

I already do a lot for cats the that are near me. I live in a third floor apartment. Each night I go downstairs and feed some strays and ferals that I only see evidence of. Usually, there are people getting home or going out for the night and I feel nervous. I don't want them to see what I am doing. If they see and disagree with it, they might tell the landlord. I already know that the landlord doesn't care for cats too much. The maintenance man has thrown away numerous makeshift feeding stations and styrofoam houses. People think that feeding cats somehow attracts wild animals or something. The cats eat all the food-there is nothing left. I do get them first thing in the morning, but I guess the risk of wild animals getting the food goes down once the sun is up.  I probably should go back down after an hour or so to get the bowls, but I am already doing my inside cat work at that point.  I have 3 cats of my own and 6 fosters. It takes a lot of energy to feed all of them and change their 10 litter boxes-twice a day.  I have 4 kittens of various ages with the youngest being 4 months. I have a feral kitten I am working with daily and it requires lots of patience. 

Outside, there is only one cat that actually comes up to me only occasionally, but I see numerous glowing eyes hidden among the brush and under cars and quick movements from between trees. The one cat that comes up to me isn't too thin, I think it's a girl, she is some kind of Siamese cat. She has a bob tail, too. I am not sure what happened there...hopefully it is a characteristic of her breed.

Two nights ago, it was raining. When she came up to me her fur was wet and she was shivering. I felt deeply saddened that I had to leave her outside. I am trying to lure her up to my little house I made for them. I have to keep it by my door, which is on the (inconvenient) third floor. Although I do have one feral cat who comes up for food every night.

I wish I did not have to deal with this problem. It would be so much easier on me-and my pocketbook-if I just ignored them all. I wish that people would be responsible and take care of the animals they have so that they are not having babies and not running around outside. It isn't safe for them. I just can't know they are out there and not do something to help them.

I can tell that it is weighing on my mind, I feel the stress in my body.  I can feel my anger building inside when I think of the chained dogs who have no house or are too thin and have no body fat to keep them warm.  Dogs who have frozen water and no hay to burrow in.  Cats who are left to go into hoods of cars to try to keep warm and meet a terrible fate in the morning.  I know I can't save them all but I just might die trying to do it.  

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sometimes, I really hate people!

I went to go check on these dogs yesterday and I could tell that something was different about the chained dog, whose name is Red.  I couldn't figure it out until I got home and really looked at the pictures.  I think he has lost quite a bit of weight.  The last time I was there, which was a long time ago, the woman acted as if they did feed him regularly and I believed her.  Red looked to be a good weight.  He looked fairly healthy.  I have to have a point where I can put the animals out of my mind.  I sometimes think about the cats and chained dogs who have to live outside so much that I feel sick to my stomach.

I needed to be able to not worry about him so I could go about my life.  It is incredibly stressful thinking about all of the animals who are suffering and you really can't do anything about it.  So, yesterday, I went to his house because I have some hay that I wanted to put in his dog house to keep him warm at night-and during the day.

Nobody answered the door even though two vehicles were in the driveway.  

So, I went to their backyard.  They have an alleyway bordering their fence line so I just parked my car there and went to help them.  I had food and two buckets.  I only had my own water bottle with me-so I gave them that water to drink.  I went to Target and bought a gallon of water and some clips to clip the buckets to the fence. 

Can you feed some ferals in Center Moriches, NY?

I found this message in a group I belong to online. I do not know this person or anything else about the situation. If you can help, please email Elizabeth at

Urgent help is needed in the vicinity of Center Moriches to feed a cat colony.

This colony is located on the property where I was working, but unfortunately I am no longer working for this company. I live in Middle Island and can no longer afford to go there every day, and probably will not be able to go at all when I am working again.

The address where the cats come to eat

MOUNT PLEASANT CEMETERY Cemetery Rd (just West of Kaler's Pond on Montauk Hwy) Center Moriches, NY 11934
Borders the East side of Kurt Weiss Greenhouses.

The Cemetery has gates which open at 7am and close at 5pm. You can't get in after 5pm. If the gates close when you are inside, they automatically open to let you out.

There are approximately 12 to 14 cats
I usually feed them around 4:30 - 4:45pm

My e-mail address is (@
Phone # is 516-702-9757

Thank you,

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Woman fined $650 for feeding cats!

Catherine Bradley, a feral cat advocate in Florida has been fined $650 ($150 for administrative costs and $500 for her second offense) for allegedly feeding feral cats, unauthorized. Town code only allows feeders from Palm Beach to feed the town's feral cats.

Apparently, Officer Adam Zeller had nothing better to do when he stood on his police car to watch Bradley "place three servings of wet cat food on the pavement...around 4:30 am." Bradley claims she is not guilty of unauthorized feeding. She said she had permission of the caretaker to monitor the cats. This is a managed colony, the cats have been TNR'd (Trap Neuter Release). They are fed and given water and monitored for health and given shelter possibly (it's warm in Florida).

In October, she was found in violation of the same law.

If I lived in that town, I would be very upset. A police officer cares so much about this woman feeding cats that he must have been checking up on her or following her. He stood on his police car to watch her. Aren't there murderers and rapists to catch?

This police officer needs to get a life and go out and fight "real" crime. A woman feeding a cat is not a crime. Some towns are archaic and ignorant and do have laws against feeding cats. That is not the case here. The people in this town can feed the cats. The crime this woman "committed" is being from the wrong area in Florida to feed the cats. How ridiculous!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Get your male cat neutered for $11 this Sunday

At Pet Helpers on James Island, the dogs are barking in celebration thanks to the completion of Pet Helpers new spay and neuter clinic, which plans on taking a bite out of the overpopulation of animals in the Lowcountry at a price we all can afford.

"Currently in Charleston County, we euthanized 75 percent of our animals because there are not enough homes for the animals out there," Kristin Kifer with Pet Helpers said.

We are going to offer low cost spay and neuters, so people of any range financially can bring in their animals in for affordable spay and neuters.

In seven years, one cat and her kittens can produce up to 420,000 more kittens which is why it's so important to spay and neuter your pet.

Although the new clinic doesn't open its doors to the public officially until December, husband and wife team veterinarians Dr. Janet McKim and Dr. Jack love are already working their magic in this brand new facility.

"It's awesome, totally state of the art. The ventilation systems cycles out every second so we can control disease throughout the whole shelter," Dr. McKim said. "It's piped in oxygen, an anesthetic machine, this is where the anesthetic waste goes, it's very state of the art cool stuff."

Pet Helpers would like to spay and neuter 5,000 animals a year which is an incredible number.

"I think it's something pet owners have a right to, is to be able to have a healthy pet and getting them spayed and neutered is absolutely the first step," Veternarian, Dr. McKim added.

Though November and December are difficult months for Pet Helpers because donations are low, they are offering a "Tom Cat Blitz." This Sunday, for only $11 you can get your male cat neutered. To register call 795-1110.

**If you read this after the date listed, contact the organization/clinic.  Often times, they offer these services on a regular basis.  If not, these clinics may offer the low cost clinics once a month.  You can use the same contact information listed above.**

$4000 Worth of Supplies Stolen From Animal Shelter!

To those that care about the homeless pets in Kansas City:

There has been a small tragedy at The Pet Connection (TPC). On 11/19/08, TPC was the victim of a crime that will have grave costs to their shelter animals and for those that they are not able to rescue. A trailer and all the supplies needed for building 8 new dog and cat rooms was stolen. It is so sad, disappointing, and everyone at the facility is feeling a little defeated. Jason Huff and another volunteer got most of the supplies donated and spent 2 days loading it all for TPC so that the cost would be minimal. Replacement value of our loss: $4000.

They were going to start construction over Thanksgiving. The Executive Director & Operations Director had cancelled holiday plans with their families so that they could build these much needed life savers. Their Christmas gift to the homeless pets was an important one. They estimate that these rooms will help successfully house and rescue 15-40 additional pets each month. Almost 70 percent of the rescued dogs at their facility were scheduled to be euthanized in area shelters simply because of space constraints.

If anyone can send additional funding for this project, they would really appreciate. If everyone they have helped this month, would send $5......that would be about $3000. We need help. Please send your pledge today. I know that together, we can make this horrible turn of events seem small.

If they do not receive a rally from their friends, they will not be able to complete the project until much later. They are turning away about a hundred animals a month, please help them! They need these resources to be available as soon as possible-to start from scratch again.

If you would like to donate, you can donate online by visiting their Donate Page. Or you can mail or drop donations by the facility at 5918 Broadmoor, Mission KS 66202.

Visit their website at

Omega Paw Arch Groomer Product Review

This is a nice product in theory but I have never seen a cat use this for grooming themselves. I have seen them use the bottom to scratch on though. Some cats like to just lay on it. Personally, I would not buy it again. It just takes up space and is virtually ignored.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Six-Month Old Puppy Killed By Assistant Fire Chief In Riverside, California Has Not Been Arrested!

Six-Month Old Puppy Killed By Assistant Fire Chief In Riverside, California

Los Angeles Assistant Fire Chief Glynn Johnson has been placed on administrative leave following his fatal beating of a neighbor's 6-month old dog. Read about this case in the Los Angeles Times here. Watch the news Video on Youtube.

Johnson remains un-arrested, in his Riverside County home on paid administrative leave while the brutal beating of his neighbor's 6-month-old puppy, Karley - which resulted in a crushed skull, dislocated eye, broken jaw, and broken nose - is being investigated.

The puppy had to be euthanized because of the degree of her suffering and the fact that she sustained permanent brain damage.

admitted to the horrific crime which occurred on Monday, November 3, 2008 but is claiming he acted in self-defense. He placed his hands inside Karley's mouth to break her jaw and nose, in addition to crushing her skull via repeated blows to the head with an 11-inch rock. The puppy was so severely injured that she had to be put down just hours after the brutal attack.

Listed below are the addresses and telephone numbers of the Los Angeles County Fire Department Headquarters, Riverside County District Attorney's Office, and Riverside County Sheriff's Office. Please call or write to these officials to demand accountability and justice for this felony to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Talking Points:

1. Karley deserves justice for her suffering and death.

2. Karley's family deserves recognition for their emotional pain and loss.

3. The perpetrator needs to pay for his crime.

4. Animal abuse should not be tolerated in a civilized society - especially by persons in high-ranking positions of public trust - and especially by those who may be called upon to help animals at their job.

5. The FBI and behavioral scientists recognize (and have documented) that animal abuse, especially when it goes unpunished, often leads to (or occurs at the same time as) violence against people.

Los Angeles County Fire Department Headquarters

Chief P. Michael Freeman

1320 N. Eastern Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90063

(323) 881-2401

Riverside County District Attorney's Office

4075 Main Street

Riverside, CA 92501

(951) 955-5400

Riverside County Sheriff's Office

Perris Station

137 N. Perris

Perris, CA 92570

(951) 210-1000

Ask for, or write attention to, Investigator Cherie Blossfield

Thank you for speaking up for Karley, and all other animals who suffer at the hands of criminals.

***Update*** Click here

Fur Free Friday is November 28, 2008

To promote awareness of the horrors of the fur industry, several animal welfare organizations are sponsoring a Fur Free Friday. I have never worn fur or even fake fur because I didn't want people thinking I was wearing real fur. I have always been disgusted at the thought of wearing an animal's skin-even when I was a child.

Usually, the animals are kept in small cages, sporadically fed, abused, then skinned alive. The worst thing I ever saw regarding fur was (a video of) someone standing on a fox's throat and stomping on it as you would put out a cigarette, with blood coming out of his nose. That is not my idea of fashion. Just typing that, it is turning my stomach and depressing me. I know it goes on but the only thing I can do about it is to not buy it. I do not want my money paying for cruelty.

If you'd like to participate in the Fur Free Friday, click here.
For more on the fur industry, visit

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Low cost spay neuter in Toledo, Ohio

Cat overpopulation is an enormous problem in the Toledo area. That's why a local organization is hoping to fix more than 1,000 cats in one of the biggest problem spots.
Humane Ohio is a low cost spay neuter clinic that fixes dozens of cats and dogs every day. Right now, they have a special program for cats from the city's east side. If you live in the 43605 zip code, you can save yourself a lot of money and prevent unwanted litters at the same time.
Cat overpopulation is a growing problem in the Toledo area. "A female cat can have multiple litters every year and when you think about those kittens go on in five or six months to have litters of their own. The cat population grows so quickly and there just aren't enough homes for all these cats," says Dr. Laura Mather.
The east side is home to one of the biggest stray cat populations in the city. "The reason we are focusing this grant money on the 43605 zip code is because we felt like we could make an immediate impact in that neighborhood if we went into one concentrated area and fixed 14-hundred cats," says Jill Borkowski of Humane Ohio.
The grant money allows the low cost spay neuter clinic to fix cats in the 43605 zip code at a low cost and in some cases no cost. And the help doesn't end there. There's even a free ride to the clinic for cats from the east side throughout the month of December. "We go to the East Toledo Family Center and we'll pick the cats up. We bring them back here to the clinic, do the surgery, they will spend the night with us and then we return them the next morning to them," says Lisa Hochrade of Humane Ohio. Starr Lucius has taken advantage of Humane Ohio's low cost spay neuter clinic. She feeds a number of stray cats in her east side neighborhood.
The free transports from the east Toledo family center will also be offered again early next year. Call Humane Ohio to schedule a spot on the van. The number is (419) 266-5607 or visit the Humane Ohio website.

**If you read this after the date listed, contact the organization/clinic.  Often times, they offer these services on a regular basis.  If not, these clinics may offer the low cost clinics once a month.  You can use the same contact information listed above.**

Monday, November 17, 2008

Van Ness Track Less Litter Mat Review

This mat is used to get litter off your cat's feet as they exit the litter box area. It does get litter off of their feet and the litter easily comes off of the mat (I just dump it back into the box). It doesn't catch all of the litter because there is also litter on the floor around it. It does look a little uncomfortable to me, but my cats never show any discomfort while being on it.

I bought this for $5 at Walmart.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Huge dogfighting ring busted in Houston!

In three counties near Houston, Texas some people are now facing felonies due to their involvement in a dog fighting bust. Eight suspects have been arrested and 43 others have been indicted. As many as 100 people attended the fights, some betting as much as $1000.

Acting on an outside tip from a man in another state, undercover investigators attended these fights over a 17 month period. Investigators have seized 187 dogs who await their fate with death. Pit Bulls are killed all the time and especially fighting pit bulls. These dogs are victims. They are taught right and wrong from unethical people. They can be trained to be good dogs again. Read an update on the Vick dogs.

In Texas, anyone who owns or trains a dog with the intent that the dog be used in dog fighting; or attends as a spectator an exhibition of dog fighting-has committed a felony.

Drugs, weapons and stolen property were also found.


PETA Wants Higher Insurance Premiums For Meat Eaters

In a letter sent Monday to Bill Milnes Jr., president of Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Vermont, PETA's Executive Director Tracy Reiman urged Blue Cross to raise rates on meat eaters because -- she claims -- heart disease, diabetes and other leading killer diseases have been conclusively linked to the consumption of meat and other animal products.

"Given the latest news about the effects of E. coli on meat-eaters -- and the mountain of evidence linking meat consumption to some of our nation's deadliest diseases -- this change will benefit Blue Cross Blue Shield's bottom line while also helping to ensure that your policyholders don't flat line," Reiman wrote. Reiman went on to point to recent reports of an E. coli outbreak in Vermont. In October a Vermont slaughterhouse recalled a ton of ground beef after 10 cases of E. coli were traced to meat from Vermont Livestock Slaughter & Processing in Ferrisburg. The recall was voluntary.

Earlier in the month, three people were diagnosed with E. Coli in Orleans County. Health officials attributed those cases to raw milk as the source."As you might know, E. Coli grows in the intestines of many farmed animals. Slaughterhouses are filthy places, and when animals are eviscerated, feces often spray in every direction," Reiman wrote.

She goes on to claim that vegetarians are less prone to heart disease, certain types of cancer, diabetes and obesity. "By giving your policy holders a financial incentive to go vegetarian -- and penalizing those whose meat-based diets fuel our nation's worst health problems -- Blue Cross Blue Shield could save millions of dollars in the long run," Reiman writes.

But it doesn't appear that Blue Cross will be taking PETA's suggestion any time soon."Under Vermont law, we would not be allowed to vary rates based on the dietary and nutritional habits of various members," said Kevin Goddard, Blue Cross's vice president of external affairs. He did, however, say that Blue Cross is always looking to have the healthiest members possible, but "we have no information one way or the other if vegetarians are more healthy.

"In September, PETA made headlines in Vermont and across the nation for asking Ben & Jerry's ice cream to use human breast milk in their ice cream, instead of cow milk. "We applaud PETA's novel approach to bringing attention to an issue, but we believe a mother's milk is best used for her child," a representative for Ben & Jerry's said at the time.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

...not another dog!

Yesterday I went to check on some of my "usual" dogs. I haven't gone in a long time, I am embarrassed to say how long. I needed a break from the anguish and sadness I see on their faces. It is so difficult for me to see these dogs week after week living in the same small space-receiving little or no attention. If they are not emaciated or injured and in need of vet care I can't do anything to change the situation. That is very difficult to deal with. I had to take a break. I know that it's okay to take a break because if not, I will burn out. Then I couldn't help any dogs.

So, enough about defending my break.

I went to see them and they both still remembered me! I heard some barking that wasn't coming from the two dogs I was looking at. At first, I didn't know where the dog was...then it ran from the back deck along the fence line. At least it's not chained, was my first thought. My second thought was, these people have some nerve, getting another dog! They don't even care about the dogs they have!

The woman there claims she loves her dogs and has no other alternative...I hear that all the time. There are many options which either require money or time and energy of the pet parent. She said that Red, the dog that is chained, jumps on people. That is something that they can train him not to do-if they decided to.

When I was there yesterday, I saw that they had also shortened his chain. He also had no hay in his dog house. I am going to get some hay and I already have some buckets I am going to bring them. Right now, they are using what looks like a large salad bowl for water and a metal bucket for food. Somehow the bucket tips over. The "salad bowl" could fall over if the wind blew too hard! I am also going to bring some bungee cords to tie these buckets to the tree so they can't spill.

Lady, the Sheltie that is not tied up, was so happy to see me! They were both jumping and showing me that they wanted to play.

I am also thinking about asking the owner if I can take Red, the chained dog for a walk every so often. It's worth a try.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Spay & Neuter Kansas City hosts low cost rabies/microchip clinic Nov 22

Spay and Neuter Kansas City is hosting a indoor low cost rabies/microchip clinic on

Saturday, November 22nd
608 Ash Ave
Independence, MO
10am to 12pm.

Rabies vaccinations are only $10 and Microchip Identification Chips are only $15. KCMO Pet Licensing will also be available at this clinic. Licenses are $12 for altered pets.

Volunteer Help Needed!

If you can help with the upcoming vaccination clinic or can help distribute flyers.... please email Jennifer Shive at

We need help with administration, traffic control, issuing tags and veterinary assistance.

Week Day Clinic Volunteer Help

SNKC is seeking volunteers to help with dog and cat recovery during the weekdays from 9am to 5pm on Tuesday, Thursday or Fridays.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Free microchip, free license, and reduced fee vaccines for seniors over 65 in Albuquerque Nov. 12

Albuquerque seniors over 65 years of age qualify for a free microchip, free license, and reduced fee vaccines for their pets.

There is a $5.00 cost for each shot.

Available shots include:

  • Annual cat and dog boosters
  • Rabies vaccine
  • Kennel cough vaccine

A limited number of pets are accommodated, so seniors are encouraged to sign up for services at the senior centers prior to the clinic date.


November 12, 2008
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


Manzano Multi-Generational Center
501 Elizabeth SE
Albuquerque, NM


Monday, November 10, 2008

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Appointments in Kansas City

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic (cats & male dogs only) November 23. No walk in clinic. Spay/Neuter appointments only (vaccines available for surgery patients). Appointment required. Drop off 8:00-9:00am. Pick-up 5:00-6:00pm. Call 913-671-PETS

This is available through the Pet Connection. The Pet Connection, Inc. is a no-kill, non-profit animal shelter located in the Kansas City metro area. It's our intention to form a no-kill coalition by educating the public, providing spay/neuter and other pet owner services, and to find homes for unwanted and abandoned animals.

Visit their website for more information:

Sunday, November 9, 2008

President's Dog Bites Reporter-Should we kill him?

While reading some news, I came across a story that caught my eye.

Barney is a very special dog, he is the First Dog, he lives at the White House. Barney, a Scottish Terrier, bit a reporter. Jon Decker, a political reporter for Reuters, asked to pet the dog, bent down to pet him and was bitten. He did the right thing by first asking to pet the dog. Many people fail to ask the owner, who knows about any behavior problems, and can be bitten. Also, sometimes people fail to interpret the body language of the dog. Always ask the owner before petting-they know the dog and you don't. It's actually best to just smile and walk past them.

If you watch the video, you can see that Decker tried to pet Barney on top of his head. This can be seen as aggression by an unsure dog. You can also see the Barney was stressed, his posture was very rigid. Decker also bent down over him which another action that could have been seen as aggression by Barney.

So my question is this. Should we kill him? Should we all gather around the White House and protest until they kill him? Should we now add Scottish Terriers to the BSL legislation going on all over the country? Should we add them to the Dangerous Dog Breeds who are killed every single day even without any aggressive behavior?

This just goes to show that any dog can bite at any time. Any dog who is mistreated or abused can bite. I am not saying that Barney is mistreated; I do not think that is the case. I think this is just an example of a dog who was frightened and bit the hand that he was scared of.

Barney does not deserve to be killed. No dog should be killed for any aggressive action or a perceived aggression simply based on their breed. Dogs can be trained to be open to strangers. Also, it seems that all of the cases that make national news are dogs who were chained for years and bit someone or was trained to fight by unethical people who only see their dogs as ways to make money. This case happened to make the national news because his daddy is the President.

Source: BNET,

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Proposition 2 Passes in California!

The agribusiness industry spent $9 million in California to discourage and scare voters. Prop 2 passed by wide margins not just in the urban centers, but in 46 out of 58 counties—including solid majorities in rural counties with a large agricultural presence. Proposition 2, passed with 63.1%, or 6,592,694 votes, but doesn't take effect until 2015.

The measure bans confining crates and cages for hens, pregnant pigs and veal calves that don't allow the animals to turn around, lie down and extend their limbs.
According to Daniel Sumner, from the UC Davis Agricultural Issues Center, "There is no reason to expect any significant change in the price of any eggs. That applies to eggs from cage-free hens too."

Egg farmers said it would be too costly to retrofit their farms. Sumner, a professor of agricultural economics, agrees. This confuses me since he also said, "There is no reason to expect any significant change in the price of any eggs". I guess we will see. I am willing to pay extra, I already spend three times as much to buy cage free eggs, what is another dollar to ensure that animals are being treated humanely. Violation of the law would result in a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $1,000, by imprisonment in the county jail of up to 180 days, or both imprisonment and fine.

The prohibition would not apply during scientific or agricultural research, veterinary testing and treatment, exhibitions, transportation or slaughter. It would also not apply to pregnant pigs during the seven-day period before the expected date of giving birth.

Source:, Humane Society Legislative Fund, League of Women Voters of California

Friday, November 7, 2008

Can you give a cat or dog a temporary home?

FOPAS Volunteers & Community Friends Needed to Save our Strays!

Due to the change in seasons and current economic conditions, FOPAS is in desperate need of foster homes for our cats and dogs. With limited space available at the shelter, without your help we will need to turn animals away. Your support will save lives!

What is a foster home? FOPAS provides food and medical while the foster family provides love and an indoor home until the cat or dog finds a forever family. Long and short term commitments are available. We ask that you transport the animal to Saturday adoptions and/or be available to meet a FOPAS volunteer with the potential adoptive family evenings or weekends.

Fostering is a rewarding experience and helps us know more about an animal's behavior so we can match with the best possible home.

If you are interested, please contact Leslie at Thank you in advance for your friendship and support!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Checkers is doing great!

As you may have read earlier, Checkers got out of her cage. I actually let her out to get some exercise. I had been letting her out and she would come back when she was ready to get back in-about 15 minutes. One day, she never went back in. So, I let her stay out. 3 days later, I decided it was not good for her and lured her back in with wet food.

Yesterday, she let me pet her and she even rubbed her head on my hand! She is becoming much more comfortable with us.

I am taking advantage of her new found comfort and I have really been working with her.

Pet Photograhy in St. Louis 11.15

On Saturday, November 15 the Alliance will be hosting a private photo shoot with professional photographer, Marian Brickner.

Ms. Brickner recently photographed puppy mill survivor stories for our "Misery in Missouri" exhibit. These stories will be featured on their web page and in upcoming marketing materials.

Supporters are invited to have their pet photos taken beginning at 8:30 AM at the Alliance office (5340 Delmar, 63112). Appointments are necessary and can be scheduled by calling the Alliance office at 314.361.3944.

Each photography session will be $30 and will last approximately 15 minutes. Each session includes one 5 x 7 photograph. Half of all proceeds goes to the Alliance. Disc with additional poses will be available for purchase.

Click here for a map and directions

Monday, November 3, 2008

Loco!Motion Electronic Cat Toy Review

This toy is a definite favorite for the kittens, not so much for the adult cats. Although I do occasionally see my adults take a swipe at it. Unfortunately, this is easy to break. The top metal part that holds the plastic piece that flies around is sturdy but the plastic part broke off after about 3 hours or so of active play with some very hyper kittens. I was able to fix it by using superglue and inserting the plastic part into the hollow end of the metal part. It is still holding up fine. On the bottom, there are some fold out plastic supports to help prevent it from tipping over-which can definitely happen with overly excited kitties.

Here is a link for this on if you are interested in buying this. I bought this at Target for around $20.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Low Cost Microchipping in Pennsylvania 11.09

Bucks County Cart invites you to a low-cost microchip event, where you can purchase potentially lifesaving identification for your pets for only $25 per animal - including registration!

Sponsored by the Bucks County Animal Response Team
and EARS (Emergency Animal Rescue Service).

Volunteers will also distribute valuable disaster preparedness information and answer your questions about how to prepare your family and pets for disaster.
This Pet Valu pet safety day will also include Pet CPR demonstrations and Free* Pet safety kits.

Pet Safety Kits (provided free by EARS) contain:
  • pet safety photo
  • pet rescue house decal
  • pet rescue wallet card
  • and more...
*Donations appreciated.

Microchips are the size of a piece of rice and are implanted under an animal's skin. They provide permanent identification so animals can be reunited quickly with their caregivers, even when their collars have fallen off. Not like a Lo-Jack system, the animal is scanned to read the ID. Nothing provides better assurance that you will be reunited with your animal if you are ever separated.

When we respond to a disaster and provide temporary sheltering services to displaced animals, the micro chipped animals are frequently the easiest to reunite with their families.

Schering’s Home Again chips will be used. A licensed veterinarian will insert the chip. With your help, you can make this microchip ID event a huge success. See you there!

Even if your pet is already micro chipped bring your pet by and get your free* pet safety kit, and learn how to safeguard your pets in a disaster.
Location: Pet Valu Store 2814 S. Eagle Rd, Newtown, PA 18940
Click here for a map and directions!

Time/Date: Sunday NOV 9th at 11Am- 3pm or until chips run out (quantities limited).

Dogs must be on leash; cats and others in carriers. If your pet requires muzzling please bring your muzzle. (Pets should be 14-16 weeks old min age ).

Cost: $25 including lifetime registration Cash only, please.

More: For info contact or Call: 215-702-0165

No appointment necessary. Line starts outside 10am. First come, first served. Limited quantities, available while supplies last.

Checkers is out of her cage!

Occasionally, while cleaning her cage, I would leave the door open so she could come out if she wanted to. At first, she didn't come out at all, then she would come out but stay within a foot or two of her cage, then she walked a little, she is out and doesn't want to go back in. I don't blame her for not wanting to go back in a cage, I wouldn't either.

Yesterday, she spent almost the entire day behind the couch. She came out twice to investigate for about 10 minutes. Now, she is out playing with the other cats but is still very skittish of me. I have been working with her quite a bit with baby food. For those who don't know why I am talking about baby food, here's why: When you use meat baby food (nothing else works quite as well) and put it on your finger, you can get the kittens to do what you want, like sit on your lap, sit to be petted, etc. It takes a lot of energy to do this. She is about 5 months old and I have had her inside for 5 weeks or so. I am trying to get her ready to be adopted but she is still not ready.

So, I am going to try a little experiment. I am going to see if having her out, since everyone gets along with her anyway, helps to tame her. She is what I would consider a "hard" stray. She will let me hold her but I have to entice her, she will not come up to me on her own. She is startled by any movement by humans, even slight movement. She is completely comfortable and at home with other cats. Also, she can get some exercise. I know it is hard for cats, especially kittens who have so much energy, to be stuck in a cage. Taming generally calls for them to be in a cage, at least for a little while.

I feel a little pressured because she is just getting bigger everyday and the smaller she is, the better chance she has to be adopted. It is also hard to find people willing to put work into their new kitten when there are so many friendly ones out there that were born inside or a human found them early enough.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I haven't seen the Siamese cat for three days!

I am a little concerned because I haven't seen the Siamese cat that I was feeding for only a few days. It has been three days since I saw it and I am concerned that something might have happened to it. It could be someone's pet and they let it in but I really don't think so. It was out all night once and it was walking around meowing like it was starving. I hope it didn't get run over by a car.

National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week November 2-8, 2008

In 1996, The HSUS launched National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week (based on an idea from the Capital Humane Society in Lincoln, Nebraska). This campaign was designed to acknowledge and promote the invaluable role shelters play in their communities and to increase public awareness of animal welfare issues and shelter services. During National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, the first full week of every November, The HSUS promotes and celebrates animal shelters across the country through media and public outreach.

What can you do for your local shelter?
I volunteer at a shelter where the cats and dogs are in completely different buildings. The lists below are only for cats.

Anything, really anything, you can give to or do for your local animal shelter will be appreciated. We need an endless supply of food bowls, water bowls, newspapers, blankets, towels, beds, pillows, toys, cat litter, treats, wet food, high quality dry food, flea medications (NOT over the counter meds-only Frontline, Advantage) laundry detergent, dryer sheets, hand soap, Purell, we use Swiffer Wet to clean the floors, plastic baggies, measuring scoops (not the glass cups) . These are things that we use daily and can always use.

Other things that we use that we don't necessarily need as often are cages, carriers, beds, scratching posts, cat trees, brushes, cat window perches, anything that the cats can scratch on, not necessarily just scratching posts, night lights, rotating floor fans, bird feeders, bird seed and anything else you can think of.

Whether you buy treats for $1.99 or a cat tree for $199.00, it will be appreciated! The more you donate, the more money shelters have to save more animals!

Click here to find your local shelter

Things you can do for a shelter:
Volunteer to clean or socialize animals.
Volunteer to help at adoptions.
Volunteer to return calls or make calls to recent adopters.
Volunteer to do laundry.
Foster an animal! Fostering an animal means that the animal lives with you and you help socialize that animal and learning more about their likes and dislikes and personality which makes for a very informed adoption when someone comes asking about that particular animal. Check with the shelter to see if the food, litter and vet costs are covered. Some shelters only offer paying for vet care, others, like the one I volunteer for pay for everything.

A little bit can go a long way when you help out a local animal shelter! Most of the people there are volunteers and are not paid anything. Some are a more commercialized and have very few volunteers with mostly paid workers. Those shelters have generally been around longer and have more supporters and get more donations.

And lastly, support the no-kill shelters! Why would you want your money to go to kill an animal?

What do you do for your local shelter?

Low Cost Vaccination Clinic 11.8 Kansas City

Spay and Neuter Kansas City is hosting a drive thru low cost rabies/microchip clinic on

Saturday, November 8th, 2008
6817 Stadium Drive
Kansas City, MO 64129
10am to 12pm.

Rabies vaccinations are only $10 and Microchip Identification Chips are only $15. KCMO Pet Licensing will also be available at this clinic. Licenses are $12 for altered pets.

Volunteer Help Needed!
If you can help with the upcoming vaccination clinic at our new clinic please email Jennifer Shive at
We need help with administration, traffic control, issuing tags and veterinary assistance.

Nov 6 sentencing for Wisconsin man, Eric S. Shattuck, who tried to force his dog to drink antifreeze then hanged him.

Prosecutors say a 34-year-old Appleton, Wisconsin man hanged one of his dogs in his garage because he was angry that the animal nipped at him.

Eric S. Shattuck is scheduled to make an initial appearance Feb. 12 in Outagamie County Circuit Court.

Appleton police began an investigation Sept. 28 after learning of the dog's death from a person who was familiar with the situation. The animal was found in a garbage bag inside the garage, with a choke collar nearby. Shattuck told investigators he attempted to kill the dog Sept. 26 by mixing its water with antifreeze, but the dog refused to drink it, according to the criminal complaint. Shattuck told a police officer that he then grabbed the dog, named Swiper, by the back of the neck, took it to the garage and hanged it from the rafters by its choke collar. He told the officer that he left immediately while the dog was still breathing because he didn't want to see the animal suffer. Shattuck acknowledged kicking the dog inside the house before taking it to the garage.

If convicted of one felony count of animal mistreatment causing death, Shattuck faces up to a $10,000 fine and a combined three years and six months of prison and extended supervision.

For more on the case visit