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Monday, October 27, 2008

Abandoned chihuahuas crowd Santa Barbara shelters

Chloe, the preening four-legged princess in the film "Beverly Hills Chihuahua," might want to take note. In this economy, even pampered pets from better addresses can quickly become Little Orphan Annies. Times staff writer Catherine Saillant reports:

In Santa Barbara County, three rescue shelters are housing a veritable glut of abandoned Chihuahuas. So many, in fact, that shelter managers are concluding a weeklong "Adopt-a-Chihuahua" campaign.
More than 100 of the high-energy pets went up for adoption Saturday. Though there's been a flurry of interest, more than 75 of the animals are still waiting for homes, said Animal Services Director Jan Glick.

Most were brought to county animal shelters as strays or were dropped off by owners who are moving or who can no longer afford to keep them, Glick said. High rents, rampant foreclosures and rising costs of pet food and veterinary care have dampened the popularity of the once-hip pooch, shelter operators say.

"People find they can't afford to feed them, or they lose their homes and they have to give up their animals," Glick said.
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Personally, I think people are full of it. I don't care what happens, I am keeping my cats. There is no way I would bring them to a shelter to be killed! I could never give up my pets. I have had them for almost 10 years. I think it is just such a cop out when people say they are moving and can't take their pets. Why can't you take them? Because you are an idiot and didn't find housing that allows for pets? Tell the truth, tell us you have no compassion and are choosing to kill your pet instead of taking it with you and that you might get another animal in a few months or so. You are living in a dream world if you really think your adult cat or dog will get a home. People like this get my blood boiling!

These are the irresponsible a-holes who cause animals to be killed. They are ignorant about spaying and neutering and keeping their animals inside where it is safe. So, their cat is an indoor-outdoor cat, gets hit by a car and they go adopt a kitten from the shelter. The cycle continues...or god forbid they see a "free kittens" sign! I just want to rip people's heads off when I see signs like that. There is NO EXCUSE for not having your pet spayed or neutered. If you got off your lazy butts and looked online, you could find a low cost clinic or save the money you would use for those lattes at starbucks everyday and have enough to get your cat fixed at the end of the month.

Don't have pets if you can't be responsible!

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