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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Formerly chained dog, Donte, needs immediate foster/adoption in North Carolina.

I came from a life of living chained 24/7 in a fenced yard. I know what you’re thinking, why chained when the yard is fenced? I wondered the same thing – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

My next-door dog neighbor was fortunate enough to have a group called “Dogs Deserve Better” put up a fence for him so he could live his life unchained. While they were working on this, they noticed me in the next yard over. They asked my neighbors owner about me and she explained how I had to live, along with being hit in the face and head whenever I tried to greet my owners when they would come outside.

The representative for Dogs Deserve Better took a closer look at me and noticed evidence on my neck above my very tight chain of a previous embedded chain or collar, as well as an injury on my back leg that was caused by my chain getting wrapped up around my ankle.

She talked with my owners and was able to convince them to turn me over to her to find me another home. So my 2 new caring friends from DDB picked me up, took me to get all my shots, and I tested negative for heartworms. They will be taking me to get neutered soon.

They are now paying to keep me at a boarding kennel until they can find me the happy home that I deserve. I do have a lot of energy from being chained up for so long so I would really like to have a large area to run and play in. I am a little leery of hands coming toward my face and head because I only know of human hands hurting me when doing this. My new human friends come by to visit me often and spend time playing with me. They are helping me to learn that now the hands approaching me are good hands and they don’t hurt. I really like these human hands, as they are showing me that there are caring people out there and that I am loved.

I seem to do well with my dog neighbors at the kennel. I’m not sure about cats because I have never been given the chance to meet any. I really am a good boy, my new friends will agree. I am looking forward to settling down in a new, happy, and loving home, free from chains. If you think you can provide this for me, please contact my friends Shari or Wendy. Here are their numbers:

Shari Strader 336-207-8796 e-mail Wendy Wilson 336-749-5473

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