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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Caught one kitten...

I put out the trap last night around 8pm, even though I wanted to do it earlier. I didn't feed them Thursday night. I was hoping to catch both of them but I knew it was a long shot. What happened surprised me a little. I went out and saw one kitten in the trap, and one kitten outside the trap running back and forth meowing. The poor kitten was worried about him sibling. Once I got the trap and the kitten into the light, I saw that this was an unexpected kitten. I saw a tortie and tabby kitten earlier this week-the one in the trap was black! So, who knows how many are out there!

I have 6 cats right now. Now, I have this kitten and possibly two more outside!

I feel morally obligated to help these kittens especially because the weather is getting colder. I also feel that it is too dangerous for them as kittens. If they were adult cats, I would trap them and get them fixed then release them. The kitten I have here looks to be about 6-7 months but the only way to really know their age is by their teeth.

This kitten is very calm and actually used the litter box over night. I was surprised to see that the cage was clean when I went in the room this morning. I expected to see an overturned litter box and food bowl and shredded paper. I didn't see any of that. I have a water bowl that attaches to the side of the cage. I've been through that-water soaked paper, litter and blankets.

I will keep you updated on these kittens and I can hopefully find the mother!

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