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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Toilet training for your cat!

I just came across this site while reading some news. I am entertained at the thought of teaching my cats to use the toilet but I probably won't do it. I don't mind cleaning their boxes; it doesn't stink because I clean it twice a day. Also, I can become aware of any health problems by cleaning the litter box everyday. Although it would be nice to not have that extra chore, it would be more of a chore to have a health problem and not catch it in time.

If you have a cat, changing the litter box comes with the territory. A regular litter box, not a mechanical one, is what to use. Mechanical ones can scare or even injure the cat if begins to clean while the cat is still in it. It is also an ineffective cleaner. It may get the feces, but it simply cannot get the urine. So, your cat has a urine filled box all the time. Also, because of the motor and storage for the waste, the cat has a very small area to use and most cats don't like small boxes.

If you'd still like to check this out, follow the link below.

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