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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sometimes, I really hate people!

I went to go check on these dogs yesterday and I could tell that something was different about the chained dog, whose name is Red.  I couldn't figure it out until I got home and really looked at the pictures.  I think he has lost quite a bit of weight.  The last time I was there, which was a long time ago, the woman acted as if they did feed him regularly and I believed her.  Red looked to be a good weight.  He looked fairly healthy.  I have to have a point where I can put the animals out of my mind.  I sometimes think about the cats and chained dogs who have to live outside so much that I feel sick to my stomach.

I needed to be able to not worry about him so I could go about my life.  It is incredibly stressful thinking about all of the animals who are suffering and you really can't do anything about it.  So, yesterday, I went to his house because I have some hay that I wanted to put in his dog house to keep him warm at night-and during the day.

Nobody answered the door even though two vehicles were in the driveway.  

So, I went to their backyard.  They have an alleyway bordering their fence line so I just parked my car there and went to help them.  I had food and two buckets.  I only had my own water bottle with me-so I gave them that water to drink.  I went to Target and bought a gallon of water and some clips to clip the buckets to the fence. 

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