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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Woman fined $650 for feeding cats!

Catherine Bradley, a feral cat advocate in Florida has been fined $650 ($150 for administrative costs and $500 for her second offense) for allegedly feeding feral cats, unauthorized. Town code only allows feeders from Palm Beach to feed the town's feral cats.

Apparently, Officer Adam Zeller had nothing better to do when he stood on his police car to watch Bradley "place three servings of wet cat food on the pavement...around 4:30 am." Bradley claims she is not guilty of unauthorized feeding. She said she had permission of the caretaker to monitor the cats. This is a managed colony, the cats have been TNR'd (Trap Neuter Release). They are fed and given water and monitored for health and given shelter possibly (it's warm in Florida).

In October, she was found in violation of the same law.

If I lived in that town, I would be very upset. A police officer cares so much about this woman feeding cats that he must have been checking up on her or following her. He stood on his police car to watch her. Aren't there murderers and rapists to catch?

This police officer needs to get a life and go out and fight "real" crime. A woman feeding a cat is not a crime. Some towns are archaic and ignorant and do have laws against feeding cats. That is not the case here. The people in this town can feed the cats. The crime this woman "committed" is being from the wrong area in Florida to feed the cats. How ridiculous!

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