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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Women Breastfeeding Animals-*Graphic Pics*

This is pretty disturbing.  I would never do this but if these animals can only get milk in this way, I guess the woman has a choice to do this.  I do worry about this woman above because she has a baby who needs that milk.   I don't know the situation, so I guess I can't judge.  At least they aren't hurting the animals.

More Pictures (External Site)


  1. Well, only main concern is the transfer of certain diseases from human to animal. But as for a woman's own baby needing the milk more - that is just a plain old ignorant statement. What would you say to women who feed multiple small children? Their bodies and milk production will adapt and can make the needed milk. Women have two breasts for a reason. Go do some research before making such comments. In my opinion, they are doing plenty good to animals than what most other people are doing in the world to their fellow living beings.

  2. To a woman feeding multiple children? Well, if she birthed them, she would have enough milk for them. I believe that due to poor nutrition, these mothers might not make the same amount of milk that mothers in more developed countries have. I am not a doctor and I don't think you are either because you probably would have mentioned it in your comment.

    You say "Go do some research before making such comments." These comments aren't if said something that was obviously untrue such as the earth is flat. So I said that I worried about the woman's ability to produce what?

    Go use your anger on something useful.

  3. A woman who suckles an animal, especially if it is an orphan, is doing great service in trying to save its life. It is definitely not disgusting, downgrading or bestial as some would think it is. As long as that woman feels her need to breastfeed an orphaned animal and if her milk does no harm or diseases transmitted, she is definitely trying to save its life.


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