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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Update! Los Angeles County assistant fire chief arrested for the beating of a puppy who had to be euthanized

A Los Angeles County assistant fire chief was arrested and charged today with animal cruelty for allegedly beating a puppy so badly it had to be euthanized.

Glynn Demon Johnson, who also faces a deadly weapon allegation for allegedly using a 12-pound rock to strike the six-month-old puppy in the unincorporated community of Woodcrest, faces up to four years in prison if convicted.

The shepherd mix, Karley, apparently got loose Nov. 3 in the 17000 block of Armentrout Lane. Karley wandered into the yard of neighbor Travis Staggs, who was on his way to return the pup when Johnson approached him and offered to carry the dog over himself, according to sheriff's officials.

In a television interview, Staggs said Johnson, 54, started beating the puppy without provocation, trying to break the dog's jaws by prying them apart, then hit Karley in the head with a big rock.

The puppy's skull was crushed and it suffered brain damage, officials said.

``The dog's injuries were so severe that the animal had to be euthanized,'' according to Michael Jeandron, with the District Attorney's Office.

Johnson told investigators that the dog bit him and he struck the puppy in self-defense. He was treated at a hospital for wrist and thumb injuries.

Johnson was expected to be booked into the county jail in lieu of $10,000 bail, but no records of his booking had been posted as of 5 p.m.

An arraignment date had not yet been set.

The fatal beating sparked multiple protests and telephone calls to the District Attorney's Office urging prosecutors to file charges against Johnson.

Click here for more information on this case


  1. This is so sad to hear. I have 3 dogs at home, one who is a 2-month old pup... if anyone ever treated him the way that this man did, I would hunt him down and put him through the worst torture he would ever experience in his life. People like him try to get away with doing horrible things by blaming it on beings that can't speak up for themselves. He says he did all that in self-defense, just because the puppy bit him? It's a PUPPY, for crying out loud! It's going to bite! That's what puppies do! They don't know any better yet. They have to be trained, but a 6-month old puppy is still too young to know any better on his own.

    I hope this man receives the max sentence and I hope karma will come and kick his ass. He is a pathetic excuse of a human being. It really makes me mad to hear about things like this. HOWEVER! I do appreciate that you posted this to spread the word.

    People who enjoy animal cruelty should be the ones euthanized.

  2. I have the greatest sympathy for the dog and for the owners, who will have to live with this. Forever. I hope it is obvious that the person who did this is mentally unwell. as this is described, there is no other explanation; self defence does not work, and sane people simply do not do this. the fine line in the law between sane and otherwise is primitive, "did the person know what he or she did was illegal" but this is from ANCIENT COMMON LAW and today is far to primitive a standard by which to judge a person. I do not know if this sociopathy is curable. But i feel in my bones and heart that the person who did this is mentally ill. A ghastly event. I would be out of my head if this were my dog.


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