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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Catcraft: Cat Tree Product Review

I bought this for $40 at Walmart for Artie and some foster kittens to get some energy out on. I already have other cat trees but for $40, I thought I'd try it.

It was easy to set up. It took me about 20 minutes. I decided to put the cat tree right next to a wall to offer some extra support because I was nervous about it falling over. It does move when Artie (12 pounds) runs up and down but it has not fallen or even appeared like it was going to fall. It is pretty sturdy with that tension spring which holds it to the ceiling. The platforms are pretty small but they are sturdy and support about 20 pounds kitties (two fat kitties!) with no problems.

The carpet is attached to a cardboard post with glue and a few staples. The carpet was showing wear so I ripped it off and replaced it with sisal rope. It was a pretty painless process but it took me about an hour to get the rope on. You have to hold it very tightly and keep pushing it down to keep it together. (I want to repeat that...keep pushing the rope down to keep it together, otherwise you will have rope with spaces between it that won't be good for scratching on.) I used 1/4 inch sisal rope and used a staple gun to put it in place. I put about 5 staples on the bottom (and top) to hold the first few "rings" of rope in place then every 3 inches or so I put another staple. I only put the rope on the bottom post because it is used much more often than the other ones.

I also drilled a hole in the bottom platform and put a hanging toy there for some playtime.

1 comment:

  1. super helpful! thank you sooo much! i'll be doing that in addition to scrap carpet to revive mine. :)


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