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Monday, March 16, 2009

Dog saves owner attacked while on a trail

In Pima County, Arizona, authorities are searching for a man they say tried to abduct a woman near the Rillito River path.  The victim says she was walking her dog when a man on a bike grabbed her arms.  He tried to drag her away.  

Pima County Sheriff's Sgt Terry Parish says, "She was able to call her dog, he came she said it was something like you see on TV the dog leaped into the air hit the man in the chest and knocked him down, and she took off running."

Sgt. Parish also says he believes the dog bit the suspect because the dog had blood around his mouth.

Sgt. Parish says the woman did everything right.  "She did exactly what I would want a member of my family to do.  She made noise, she was resisting and on top of that she had a dog with her."


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