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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dog saves owner's life at least three times a week!

Elizabeth Wilkinson was first diagnosed with diabetes as she recovered from measles at the age of nine. She later found out that her body had stopped producing insulin altogether.  She has a hard time recognizing the symptoms of a hypoglycemic attack.  This could potentially be fatal.  If the patients do not recognize the attack themselves and eat some carbohydrate to boost their blood sugar, they risk entering a coma and even death.  

Chushla, is just one of six registered hypoalert dogs in Britain which use their sense of smell to detect a hypoglycaemic attack.  She nibbles the hand of her owner to alert her.  She was adopted 

But just weeks after getting her new puppy, Elizabeth realised Chushla could detect the attacks in their early stages.
'I had Chushla for just a few weeks and I was sitting on the sofa when she started jumping on me and doing little nibbles on the back of my neck. 
'It turned out I was having a hypo and hadn't realised. Because I have had diabetes for over 40 years I don't recognise the early signs of a hypo which could potentially kill me.
'Chushla predicted that I was having an attack on a few occasions and now I don't have to worry because she can alert me and I can eat a couple of biscuits and be alright. 
'I think she keeps predicting the attacks because I give her a chocolate nibble when she saves me.' 


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