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Monday, March 30, 2009

Couple who left 64 animals to die inside their foreclosed home will not go to jail!

In April of 2008, police charged Matthew, 29, and Amanda Teymant, owners of the house at 21 Potomac Court, Barnegat, NJ, where the bodies of 64 dead animal were found, with animal cruelty.

SPCA Sgt. Thomas Yanisko reported that 64 animals were found dead throughout the home, in different stages of decomposition, according to Barnegat police.

Cats, dogs, ferrets, turtles and guinea pigs were among the dead animals found when the Fannie Mae mortgage company came to foreclose on the vacant house said Barnegat Police Chief Arthur Drexler.

"It was a disturbing scene in there," said Drexler, "anywhere from 50 to 100 animals" were found inside "in varying degrees of composition."

"Some were in cages. Some weren't," Drexler said.

The explanation from Teymant as to why 64 dead animals were found in his home was that he was running a rescue operation, authorities said.

"During an interrogation, Matthew Teymant basically said they were ...(rescuing) ... and adopting them out," Stanton said. "This is your typical case of a person who thinks they are a rescue operation and tries to do the right thing and goes crazy."

Stanton said police raised the question to Matthew Teymant that if he thought things were getting out of control, why did he not ask for help.

"He said he was scared," Stanton said.

Perhaps he was scared of his father who is a retired K-9 police officer, Stanton said.

Matthew Teymant was sentenced to five years' probation and 250 hours of community service. Amanda Teymant was admitted into a pre-trial intervention program that will drop the charges against her in 18 months. She must perform 100 hours of community service.

Their attorney says the couple became overwhelmed caring for the animals once their two young children were born.


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