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Monday, March 30, 2009

New Mexico Bans Gas Chambers for Animals!

Gas chambers cause horrific, painful and slow deaths.  They are used for the convenience of animal control workers, with no compassion for the animals.  They are often terrified and crammed into the chamber with other terrified animals.  Those animals scratch, fight, and try to claw their way out of this "death box".  They vomit, defecate and urinate on themselves and the other animals in there with them. If we were a no kill nation, this wouldn't be happening, ever.  For more on the concept of no kill, please click here .  Click here to read a first hand account of killing animals in a gas chamber-the language may be considered graphic by some.

H.B. 265, a bill introduced by Rep. W. Ken Martinez, which previously passed the New Mexico House of Representatives by a vote of 62-3, has now been approved unanimously by the state Senate with a vote of 38-0.  The bill would ban use of gas chambers to euthanize dogs and cats. Currently, four localities, Portales, Tucumcari, Jal and Clovis use gas chambers. All other shelters use lethal injection.  The bill now goes to the House again for approval of Senate amendments which basically clarified that a supervising veterinarian is not required to be on the premises for a euthanasia and a euthanasia instructor need not be certified. 

There is similar bill to ban the usage of gas chambers in Georgia.
To read the text of the bill in Georgia, click here.

The West Virginia Senate Judiciary Committee has approved a ban on the use of gas chambers by public animal shelters. An amendment would limit the ban to apply only to new gas chambers, allowing use of existing chambers to continue.  I guess it's a start...
Click here to read the text of the bill.

Only thirteen states currently ban the use of carbon monoxide to euthanize animals, according to the Humane Society of the United States. 


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