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Saturday, April 12, 2008

18 year old gets one year probation, $300 fine for putting a Jack Russell Terrier in a washer and killing it after luring it with a dead squirrel.

Here is another case of a clueless judge giving a "slap on the wrist" punishment.

Klynn M. Cvejkus, 18, of the 200 block of Fourth Street, was fined $300, plus administrative fees, by Judge Gerard Long for killing a dog.

Her probation is under the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program, which will allow her to clear her criminal record if she doesn’t get into trouble during the year.

A dead squirrel was found in the clothes dryer, the chief said. Because squirrels are difficult to catch, authorities suspect it may have been found dead and used to lure the dog into the house’s basement.

Pavic said dog feces found in the dryer indicate the canine may have been placed there first.

Police said Cvejkus, the Conemaugh Valley High School student, entered the house last month and put the small terrier into the washer. The dog died of a broken neck, authorities said. It didn't drown because water to the house had not been turned on.

Police said the dog was alive when it was put inside the washer, but they said Cvejkus allegedly told friends she found the animal dead along a road.

The home's owner, Jean Bopp, told the district judge on Monday she found the dead terrier in March when she was preparing to move back into the house.

I want to know why this judge is so lax about a punishment. She lured the dog there to KILL it. That is sick.

Please write or call this judge and let him know what you think about this sentence.

Judge Gerard Long
Cambria County Courthouse
200 South Center Street
Ebensburg, PA 15931
(814) 472-5440 Ext. 401

If calling, you can say something as short as "Judge Long, I am contacting you in regards to the c
ase of Klynn M. Cvejkus (I do not know how to pronounce this person's name). If you do not feel comfortable trying to pronounce it you can say, "Judge Long, I am contacting you in regards to the case of the 18 year old teenager from East Conemaugh who put a dog in a washer and turned it on. Then, state your opinion on the sentence. For example, this is (basically) what I said: I believe this sentence is an injustice to the dog and other pets and pet owners. Police believe she lured the dog there to kill it. She picked up a dead squirrel, lured the dog to the house, placed him in the dryer where the squirrel was also found, then put him in the washer and turned it on. She knowingly and calously killed the dog. Probation is not nearly enough to punish her. According to Robert K. Ressler, who developed profiles of serial killers for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), “Murderers … very often start out by killing and torturing animals as kids,” I hope you understand the severity of animal cruelty and the repercussions for our society the next time you have a case in your court room. Thank You.

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