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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Michael Vick...and my reasons for that post.

I have had many people email me about my reaction to this, saying they are surprised that I would be against this. I am NEVER against promoting awareness of animal abuse. I am also NEVER against donating to animal shelters. What I am against is using Michael Vick's name to do it. I think they are making a joke of it in a way because they are all dressing up in prison clothes. I think it is inappropriate to do that and to use Michael Vick's name. I did read the entire article and I still stand by my previous opinion.

Would people be "welcoming" a child molester to the "neighborhood" if he were sent to the Leavenworth Penitentiary to speak out against child rape?

I think Michael Vick's name should be left out of it as well as the prison clothes. I think it is distasteful. I don't think they should be focusing on Michael Vick going to prison as it clouds the real issue. I understand that they are trying to tie the two together-participate in dog fighting...go to prison. They should educate the public about what dog fighting is and focus on the inhumane treatment of the dogs. They are completely skipping over that by using Michael Vick's name and a "welcome to the neighborhood" theme. It is just sick and twisted in my opinion.

I have not and am not saying I disagree with creating awareness of animal abuse and donating to shelters. I don't know why anyone would even think I was against that.

What I disagree with is the use of Michael Vick's name and the prison clothing. If they wanted to use his "celebrity" to get attention they should have said it was for the dogs that he KILLED and MAIMED--not to "welcome" him to the neighborhood.

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