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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Adoptions at PetSmart today...

I helped with adoptions today at PetSmart. I am amazed sometimes by the ignorance of people. We were there from 11 to 3. We had many people come through who said, "No, I can't have anymore cats--my cat just had kittens." Where will those kittens go? They will probably be given to other irresponsible people who will say the same thing to us when they come through the store in 6 months or so. (btw, cats can have kittens as early as 6 months of age.)

We came in with 3 grey kittens and 3 adult cats. Which ones were adopted? The kittens were gone before 2:00. The adult cats, who are much less work, were still sitting there when 3:00 rolled around.

Nearly everyone who walked by commented on Avery, a short hair tabby. Nobody adopted him. He does have a cleft palate, which causes a deformity on his nose. He is spunky and playful, yet nobody wanted him. Murphy, a beautiful long haired orange cat was there and nobody wanted him. Orion, a sweet lap cat, was looked over also. I felt like I was one of those annoying car salesmen, or woman in this case. I really pushed to get those cats adopted. They deserve happy homes.

Why is our society so superficial? These kittens that were adopted today might be returned to the shelter once they are no longer "cute". Then they are destined to fight for a coveted spot in someone's house. What message are we sending to our children and these poor cats?

Adopting a cat or dog is for LIFE. I have two cats of my own. I adopted Gaby at 8 months (she was going to be euthanized for being black). My cat Ashtyn was a year and a half when I adopted her. I will have them until they pass away. I never thought any different. They are mine until the end. Period.

Please educate others whenever you get a chance. Let everyone know that you are a responsible pet owner and you will have your pet until the end. There is really no reason not to.




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