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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Today is National (Pet) Tag Day

The American Humane Organization calls attention to the dangers of not having appropriate identification on your animal by calling April 5 National Tag Day.

Without identification, your pet's chances of reuniting with you are very slim. There are 3 types of identification. Microchips, tattoos and id tags on collars.

Microchips are becoming more and more common and are responsible for many happy endings. A microchip is a rice sized capsule that has a identification number linked to your information. Animal control
and most animal shelters have scanners to retrieve this information. There is an online database where your pet's number is entered, which leads to your contact information.

Tattoos are less common than microchipping and probably less effective as not many people realize to look for them. There have been cases where the tattoo had become illegible.

Collars and ID Tags are by far the most common and most effective. People immediately know that the animal is a pet and can feel more comfortable knowing they are most likely vaccinated. There are collars on the market that actually embroider or somehow print vital information onto the collar.

There are many types of ID tags available as well. There are the traditional tags, made of metal with your contact information engraved into it. There are small vials that hold a small piece of paper (similar to a "note in a bottle") and even flash drives that can be put into someone's computer to get your contact information.

The best way to ensure the safe return of your beloved pet is to get them a collar and id tag and microchip them. If they have a collar on, people will definitely know the animal belongs to someone. If the collar somehow gets loose from the animal, animal control can scan the animal and you can still be reunited.

Show your pet you love them--ID them!

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