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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Feline Enrichment: How to entertain your cats Part 1

Enrichment research has shown that toys that are removed and then returned after several weeks regain much of their novelty; extend your enrichment budget by rotating your cat's toys regularly.

Provide different toys, different days of the week.
  • paper bags
  • used pens with ink removed (just the outer part of the pen, remove everything inside and the lid)
  • plastic milk caps
  • film canisters (empty or put bells, pennies, rice, etc inside to make noise)
  • ping pong balls (put them in the bathtub for enclosed fun!)
  • treat balls (can use whiffle balls)
  • flashing balls
  • cork?
  • tissue paper (supervised play!)
  • tunnels
  • paper towel rolls (rip the roll a little to give it more appeal)
  • child's sock filled with catnip and sewn closed
  • tie shoestrings to cage bars
  • put pipe cleaners on cage bars, or twist around finger to make a spiral and put on the floor
  • spools with thread removed
  • any box, even one that seems too small for your cat. Cats are notorious for attempting to fit into small boxes
Put squirrel/bird feeders/bird baths outside each window.
Provide places in the sun to sleep.
Provide cat grass or other types of greens. Catnip, Thyme, Sage, Mint and Parsley are good alternatives.

Take your cats out for a walk (seriously)!
Click here to be directed to my website where I describe the process of teaching your cat to walk on a harness.

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