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Monday, April 14, 2008

Animal Testing and America...

The Washington Post tells a very interesting story about the "evolution" of animal testing in America. It states that a federal panel put together from 15 different federal agencies have only approved 4 alternatives to animal testing in 10 years. Out of 185 alternatives reviewed, only 4 passed. That is only .02%!

researcher, when talking about American animal testing said, "Some animal tests haven't changed in 60 years," said Thomas Hartung, head of the European group. "The tests are frozen in time. This is not science. Science is always moving ahead."

Many Americans would be shocked to know what their tax dollars are used for.

I disagree with animal testing that is outdated and/or for superficial things. All of my household cleaners, my shampoo and conditioner, laundry soap, etc are not tested on animals. There are many brands that don't test on animals, for a list click here. (Note: The site I am linking to is a PeTA site. I do not support PeTA but have found their list to be the most comprehensive. Don't fall for their gimmicks!)

Some people who are very ill, such as with AIDS or some other serious illness are so desperate to survive that they are willing to be tested on. I definitely think the person should be of sound mind and understand what they are agreeing to. Why should we test on animals when their bodies don't always work like ours? Aren't we already testing things on ourselves anyway? We are still taking a risk if we begin a medication deemed safe in animals, whose bodies are genetically different. That doesn't mean they are safe for humans.

Now, I don't think we should go out on the street and pick up homeless people to test on. I don't think we should test people in prison or anything. Around Kansas City, there are quite a few companies who compensate people who participate in testing all kinds of medications.

Why don't we do that? It would be more cost effective. It would be tested on those who will or would be using it. We wouldn't waste years testing something on animals only to kill humans right after it is deemed safe. For example,
Opren was tested on monkeys and other animals for 9 years and had no adverse side effects. It was recalled in 1982 after 3,500 harmful reactions and 61 human deaths. What a waste of time!

What do you think?

Read the Washington Post article here.

Very interesting facts about animal testing.

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