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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cat critically ill after being fed cannabis

Fozzy the cat was rushed to Healthlands Veterinary Hospital after he stopped eating and collapsed.  At first, the family thought that Fozzy had a virus.  The vet somehow determined that the cat was possibly poisoned at contacted a vet who specializes in poisons. From the symptoms, they determined he had ingested cannabis.  

The family believe someone in the Littlemoor area fed Fozzy the drugs as a prank while he was outside.

“The vet said it would take five days to get out of his system but he’s been having fits so we were asked to consider putting him down.”


  1. This is awful that someone would feed pot to this cat as a "prank". It certainly is not a prank to Fozzy or his family.
    I hope he will recover without permanent damage.
    Please don't have Fozzy put to sleep..give him a chance to recover and the drug to clear his system.

  2. I also hope they don't euthanize him. He just needs to get it out of his system. Poor kitty!


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