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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Two cats down...8 more to go?

I trapped two cats last night.  It's funny because these are the two I expected to catch first.  I didn't feed them the night before so they were all hungry.  I saw THREE cats walking around looking for food, that I didn't know I had out there!  I knew I had more than 7 but I figured I had 8 or 9.  I am sure there are some out there that I still don't know about.

I already had a long day and trapping these cats was pretty tiring even though the one in this picture went right into the trap!  She saw me set it up even!

She was pretty calm so I decided to take this picture.  The other one was still freaking out a bit so I decided not to bother her with a flash!

The other kitty, went into the trap 3 times before she set it off!

I plan on trapping 2 more tonight.  Some other cats saw them get trapped so I hope they still go into the traps tonight.

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