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Thursday, April 2, 2009

A new kitty...

I have a new kitty coming to stay with us.  She is a young, very small Siamese who was stuck in a fence near the railroad tracks.  A city employee found her and brought her to a nearby vet.  This poor kitty is really scratched up and has severely scraped paw pads.  We do not know if she is feral yet but we do know she is pregnant!  She is in a lot of pain and is understandably totally freaked out.  Basically, she is acting feral but she might just be scared to death and in a lot of pain.  We will just have to give her time to feel better and see if she is feral or not.

We don't know how long she was stuck in the fence but we know she was terrified.  The fence is near the railroad tracks which means the train went by her (loudly) and it shook the ground as it went by.  She nearly ripped off her paw pads while trying to escape.

I will know more on Monday.  She is going to come stay with us after she is feeling better.

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