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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cat Risks Life to Save Owner

Kimberley was in her garden when, suddenly, she was confronted by a snake. Only inches away, hissing and shaking its tail, the viper was ready to strike when Sosa the cat interceded – lashing out at the snake and protecting Kimberley.

Kimberley was spared, but Sosa was bitten on the paw as a result. Amazingly, Sosa pulled through after just three days in an animal hospital.



  1. Animals in particular cats are the best. The can show such loyalty and bravery. I know my cat would have done the same because he has always been their for me.

  2. I hope one of my cats would do the same for me. My cats are indoor only, or I walk them with a harness, so I will never know if they would battle another animal to protect me.

  3. great storey kitty's rule

  4. Aw what a sweet,brave little warrior! Goddess Bless him!

  5. I hope that my cat would do the same for me - although I have seen how protective he can be, one day one of my friends came over and needed to practice some first aid moves - she asked me to lay down on the floor - when my cat saw me laid on the floor - he was all over me and would leave us alone for a moment - he probably thought I was in need of help - the only funny thing was that he was tickling me with his long wishers just under my nose (I guess he was looking for sings of breathing) - they are so clever - if only we could give them more credit....


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