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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Man beheads his horse and feeds its head to his dogs, police say

A California man was arrested on charges of felony animal cruelty after police say he bludgeoned his horse with a sledgehammer, decapitated it with a chainsaw and fed it to his dogs.

Wow, this guy is a real winner!  Authorities say, in the past, that he has been cited for inhumane living conditions for his animals.  He has also faced multiple kennel violation charges and failing to get his animals vaccinated.  This guy had at least 33 dogs, 8 puppies, 10 goats, peacocks and geese on his property as well.  

The horse's remains have been taken to a state lab where a necropsy (autopsy for animals) will be done to see if decapitation was the cause of death or if it was alive when it was decapitated.

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