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Saturday, January 12, 2008


Annie let me pet her then hissed at me not even 5 minutes later. Sigh! I have come to realize one thing about feral cats. You never know how they will be and you always have to be on guard. You have to possess infinite patience and must have a true knowledge of cats. I am still happy that I caught her but I am conflicted on what to do with her. I am planning on getting her spayed, this week hopefully. After I get her spayed, I need to decide if she is going to stay here with us or if I am going to let her go and take care of her outside. I think she has made such amazing progress so far that it would be a shame to let her go. My question is what is in her best interest? Am I just a human trying to make a pet out of her because I think that is what she should be, or is this what she wants too? I wish I could ask her what she wants.

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