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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Obtaining pets through "Free to good home" ads!

I just visited, I have only been on that site once or twice before today. I was searching for animal cages and dog houses. What also came up in my search got my blood boiling. There are probably a hundred cats and dogs being offered to "good" homes in Kansas City.

I cannot believe that craigslist is allowing this!

I suspect that many of these pets are being sold from BREEDERS! I despise breeding. There is nothing you can tell me that will make me think breeding animals to sell is a good thing. There are millions of animals, kittens and puppies, and purebred included, in shelters all across the country.

There are many reasons why this is ethically wrong:

1. People sometimes get kittens and small cats to feed to large snakes.

2. People called Bunchers, get free animals and sell them to labs for testing or other terrible reasons such as bait animals for dogfighting or to actually become part of the dogfighting ring. “BUNCHERS” n 1. humans who acquire animals, either singularly or in bunches, by taking them away without right, permission or under false pretenses for purposes of profit. 2. humans whose greed exceeds their compassion

3. Animal abusers search out ads like these. Such as the case of Barry Herbeck, who according to police, admitted collecting cats via "free to good home" ads, then killing them through acts of bestiality (having sex with an animal). Here is a link for more information about this case.
Herbeck is only one person who was caught, while I am sure millions of people have done this and can continue to do it because people don't know about it or don't care.

4. They could be used for breeding. Breeders most times banish a breeding animal to a cage then kill them once they can no longer reproduce. They most often live within their own feces.

5. They could be used as a bait animal for teaching dogs how to fight. This unfortunately happened to my cat. Read about that here on my website.

6. They could train dogs to fight in a dog fighting ring.

Last fall, a man did this:
"The cats were found under a sweatshirt, their bodies arranged in the shape of a triangle. One was disemboweled, at least two had their throats slit and all three had fishing line tied around their necks, Vitacco said. The cats' legs were duct-taped and their bodies slashed, a police report said", to cats he got on

Anthony Appolonia, convinced 22 cat owners that he was able to provide a safe environment for their cats after he answered their ”Free to a good home” ads. Further investigation showed that once he was in possession of the adopted cats and kittens he then tortured these defenseless creatures. He would torture these cats by beating them, breaking their bones and then leaving them to suffer for up to a day before he ended their lives by drowning them.

Barry Herbeck's new girlfriend found parts of a dead cat in Herbeck's kitchen plumbing, and hearing from his two young children that Herbeck had taped their puppy's mouth shut, then left him to die in front of them. According to police, Herbeck admitted collecting cats via "free to good home" ads, then killing them through acts of bestiality.

Is this the fate that you want for your animals?????

DON'T ADVERTISE YOUR ANIMALS! Bring them to a shelter where the potential adopter can be thoroughly checked out!.

Don't breed or buy while shelter pets die!


  1. Did you ever get off of your high horse long enough to think that maybe these people wanted their pets to have good homes and maybe good people wanted to get pets from a good home rather then a pet store?

  2. Well, actually I am not on a high horse.

    I think I might have pushed your buttons since you searched me out, found my blog, and commented on an article.

    All I am saying is when the alternative to having good pet parents are so grim and horrible, why would you even chance it? If you have a 50% chance of the "good" pet owner being good or evil, would you give your pet over to him or her?

    I don't think I want to know your answer.

  3. "I think I might have pushed your buttons since you searched me out, found my blog, and commented on an article."

    Actually I found you after you began posting to this 9 month old posting on my blog,


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