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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Two Dogs Brutally Tortured and Killed

BAINBRIDGE, Ohio - Investigators said two dogs who had been missing for days were abused and killed before their owners found them in the woods on Tuesday.

Barbara Hatfield and Steve McGlonn said their dogs, Mack and Flash, roamed their 56-acre farm, but always returned home, 10TV News reported.

After the dogs did not come home on Friday, the couple started searching for them.

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Hatfield and McGlonn discovered their dogs' bodies on nearby property.

"You couldn't believe someone would do that to your dogs," Hatfield said.

"I just wanted to lay down with them and she kept pulling me away," McGlonn said.

Pike County Humane Society investigators said the dogs had been brutally abused.

"These dogs were tortured and brutalized and had massive bone damage," said Humane Society Director John Owens. "They were in plain view of the owner's place of residence. It goes beyond words, there is not enough I can say about it."

Next to the dogs, investigators found a fawn in a garbage bag and another butchered deer, 10TV News reported.

Agents also discovered a wire that they believed was used to tie the dogs down.

"Who would do something like that to an innocent dog?" Hatfield said.

The couple hoped that an investigation could help save another pet from the same fate.

The Humane Society said they have evidence that dogs had been tortured on that property before.

Investigators said the person responsible could face multiple misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty.

The animals' bodies were being tested for an exact cause of death.

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