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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Police: Man Drills Into Dog's Head--Father Tried To Punish Dog For Biting Son, Police Say

Police: Man Drills Into Dog's Head
Father Tried To Punish Dog For Biting Son, Police Say

POSTED: 5:38 pm EST January 14, 2008
PLAINVILLE, Conn. -- A man drilled holes in a pit bull's head as punishment for biting his son, police in Plainville said.

Channel 3 Eyewitness News reporter Hena Daniels reported authorities euthanized the pit bull, named Baby, on Monday.

Man Accused Of Drilling Dog's Head (WARNING: Explicit Pictures)

According to Plainville police, Saverino Cruz, 32, drilled several holes in the dog's head using a power drill after the dog bit Cruz's 8-year-old son earlier in the day. Plainville police said two brothers are being charged in the incident.

"Saverino Cruz left work upon discovering his son had been bit. He went back to the household and, in a fit of rage, grabbed a power drill and drilled the dog that bit this son ... in the head several times," Plainville police Capt. Peter Costanzo said. "He then went to the hospital to see his son."

Police said the chain of events unfolded on Sunday when Cruz's brother, Enrique, the owner of the dog, was watching his nephew, Nick.

Baby somehow got out of a cage in the basement and bit the 8-year-old in the arm. Nick was rushed to an area hospital and was released a short while later.

When officers got to the house, they found another dog -- a 4-month-old puppy, police said. Both dogs were malnourished, unlicensed and not vaccinated, police said.

"The sanitary conditions were terrible in the home and that dog was also taken and placed in the pound," Costanzo said.

Police said Saverino Cruz later told investigators he was very sorry for what he did. He remains in police custody.

The other dog, named Coffee, is up for adoption at Plainville Animal Control.
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