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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

PETA HBO Documentary

I just recently watched this movie. It was definitely overseen by Peta, or Ingrid Newkirk herself. Very graphic images and videos were thrown in there without any warning, which is what I despise most about Peta. This was just another propaganda film that Peta wanted to put out there. Violent images of fur farms, chicken and turkeys being treated cruelly, etc. I know about all of this and I am a vegetarian because of that.

I know, in my personal life, that I cannot change anyone's behavior. I cannot make someone care. If that person chooses to remain ignorant, there is nothing I can do. I am talking about my personal ethics. Peta does not have that and chooses to push the envelope when people don't listen. Really, I think all I can do to change the world is change how I live in it and educate those who actually want to be educated.

I am angry that Peta thinks it has the right to show me, and other sensitive viewers such graphically disturbing material. I have one of the images seared into my memory that was especially graphic and they have no right to do that to me or anyone else.

In summary, the movie shows graphic video, saves one turkey from a slaughterhouse (which was probably killed after the filming was over anyway), kills one dog because it had heartworm disease (peta actually has a mission to kill all of the animals that could be deemed as pets), damaged property in a fur store in Paris, gave a little insight into Ingrid Newkirk's craziness, showed people making fools of themselves during demonstrations and created an inaccurate portrait of the largest animal-rights organizations in the world.

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