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Tuesday, January 8, 2008


This is Wally, he was found as a stray in Kansas City, Missouri. Someone put a puppy collar on him and never took it off. As her grew, his skin grew around it and the collar became embedded. He required surgery to remove the collar. He is doing much better now and is available for fostering or adoption.

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  1. Hi, I was looking up an old friend of mine and came upon the image of Wally with his neck cut open and I was horrified! I needed to know the story behind such a gruesome picture! I thought he was dead! So I read through your blog and wept as I read story after story of ignorance, brutality and mental sickness ... tempered with wonderful posts of hope and progress with your feral cat. Then I found Wally's entry and I cannot tell you the relief I felt as I realized that Wally was actually okay!!

    I adopted a stray dog almost ten years ago and he's been a faithful companion through thick and thin. He gets along well with the cat I brought home almost a year ago. I love animals. I cant imagine how people can abuse them so horribly!


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