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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

All Charges Dropped in Case of Animal Control Officer Shooting Mother Cat and Two Kittens (He claimed self defense!)

An animal control officer who shot and killed three cats will soon be back on the job.
All charges against Fred Grasso have been dropped.
Grasso faced two unclassified misdemeanor charges for allegedly violating the state’s Agriculture and Markets Law. The first count charged him with cruelty to animals and the other alleged he euthanized a dog or cat by gunshot.  How was this last one dropped?!  It is undeniable that he euthanized killed the cat and kittens by gunshot.
The judge pointed out that for Grasso to be convicted of the cruelty charge, he would have to have acted “unjustifiably” in the shooting of the cats.
Town Justice Richard Scott ruled that Fred Grasso didn't actually commit a crime when he shot and killed three cats last June.

Grasso said the reason he shot the animals was because they were rabid (don't you have to kill the animal to test brain tissue to make a diagnosis of Rabies?!) and a danger. The judge agreed and cleared him of any wrongdoing.
The judge said because the officer thought the animals were wild and dangerous, he broke no law by shooting them.
Animal advocates expressed their disappointment. "I know of no case ever where kittens have killed or harmed a human being to the point where deadly force needs to be used," said Barbara Carr of the SPCA.
Grasso's attorney Arcangelo Petricca said, "He does not destroy animals unfairly or unjustly. He felt that he was in danger and that the tenants and residents of that building were in danger, and he had to act quickly and swiftly in order to save them." He had to save the residents from a mother cat and two kittens?!  Are you kidding me?  This is ridiculous!

Petricca called his client “an animal lover himself” who is also a cat owner and who “doesn’t destroy animals unfairly or unjustly.”  An animal lover who has no problem shooting a cat and her kittens.  He saw them hiss and went to get his rifle.  He didn't close the door (which would have enclosed them in the basement, thus, protecting the residents from these big bad kitties!) and wait for someone to help him, he didn't close the door and stop to think...
“[Grasso] felt strongly from the beginning he acted justifiably,” Petricca said. “All I know is he’s tremendously relieved.”
New York State does not have any requirements in place for someone who wants to be an animal control officer.
Assemblyman Sam Hoyt tells News 4 legislation is currently being drafted to change that.

Here is the Judge's Information:  (I urge you to contact him!  Tell him the TNR was the best option for these kitties-not a gun shot to the head!  Click here and here for information to include in your letter.  Use this opportunity to show your disappointment and EDUCATE this judge.  Being rude or impolite truly hurts our cause!)
Richard B. Scott (D)
West Seneca Town Hall
1250 Union Road
West Seneca, New York 14224
phone - 1-716-558-3246

Click here for video.


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