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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mayor of Kansas town shot two dogs who were chained

This story is wrong on a lot of levels.  First, the mayor can't just go around shooting animals. There has to be some sort of protocol on these types of issues. Secondly, dogs should not be left unattended while chained and they should not be forced to live on a chain.  Thirdly, the mayor said he would shoot the dogs if they were found running loose.  Clearly, a chained dog cannot be running loose.  Finally, the mayor said he has no regrets about shooting the chained dogs.
This mayor sounds like a coward, he didn't even get out of his car to shoot them.  Also, he doesn't speak with good grammar which is evident by reading his quote.  
“They was lying on the sidewalk on the front of the house,” Fox News quoted him as saying. “I shot them with a 9mm rifle … five or six times.”
Mayor Don Call turned himself in and was charged with two felony counts of cruelty to animals and one misdemeanor count of criminal discharge of a firearm.
But he said he had no regrets about killing two dogs, who, according to their owner, were chained at the time.
Call, the mayor of McCune, Kan., said he warned the dogs’ owner on Jan. 12 that if the dogs were found running loose in town again, he would shoot them.
After receiving a complaint about the dogs Sunday, February 1, he drove to the home of their owner and shot them.
The dog’s owner, Duane Wahl, said his dogs never bothered anyone and that they were chained when the mayor drove up and shot them from his car window. “They weren’t vicious dogs. They don’t bite people.”

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