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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jonathon is officially considered transient! (No more diabetes!)

I called the vet this morning to ask her about Jonathon's blood sugar.  I am starting to understand diabetes and I am learning more and more everyday.

I called the vet to tell her what his blood sugar has been and talk about what it means. Tonight it was 80, this morning it was 74, last night it was get the idea.  His blood sugar is lower than it used to be.  It was in the mid 200's when he first came here.

I did not give him insulin last night. I called the emergency vet because I was concerned about his blood sugar being so low.  When I called, the vet said that 74 was not so low that I should consider it an emergency.  She told me not to give him insulin and make sure he eats something.

So, apparently, if I gave him insulin, it would make his blood sugar decrease to a dangerous level.  I never do anything if I am uncertain.  I will always call someone if I am in doubt because I know that diabetes can be very dangerous.  

So for right now, I will still be testing him twice a day but I will not be giving him insulin.  The vet said she will always consider him a "pre-diabetic" because his diabetes could come back at any time...or it could never come back.

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