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Monday, February 9, 2009

Petstages Cheese Chase Product Review

I have some kittens and some older cats (11&12).  My 11 year old is really playful and she does like this toy but doesn't play with it too often.  I have found that kittens really like to play with the ball on the top.  Jack and Isabella (they are 3 years old) liked this toy when they lived here and preferred the outer ball to play with.  
This toy comes with different things on top.  Along with the mouse, they also have a butterfly and something completely different which is thin strips of plastic that looks similar to grass but is white.  I had one with that on top (I cannot find a picture of it) but I cut it off because my cats were chewing on it and biting pieces off of it and I worried about them swallowing them.  
Here is a link to this product on

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