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Monday, February 2, 2009

BirdBoing Product Review

This toy is called the BirdBoing.

This toy is fairly sturdy but is able to be knocked over by really rambunctious kittens.  The spring is covered by cloth and poses no risk of injury.  The toy on the top is interchangeable if you buy more toys of the same brand (that say they are interchangeable-not all toys they sell will work). Under the toy is a little piece of plastic (below) and it snaps into place on top of the spring.
The chirping sound entices cats from all around-even from other rooms!  It sounds realistic and it is pretty loud.  For $10, I think it is a great toy.  I would buy it again...and Artie certainly likes it.   Although, one of our new kittens is scared of it but I think that is because she is still pretty shy and the toy can be loud.

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