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Monday, February 2, 2009

Peek and Play Toy Box Product Review

This is the Peek and Play Toy Box.  I initially bought this because I thought I could clean it but without being able to open it, it makes it very difficult to clean the inside.  With having so many cats and different cats (because I foster cats) it becomes necessary to be able to clean toys more than I would if I just had the same cats here all the time.  Also, the inside of the toy does not have a sealant on it.  I made a toy similar to this out of a cardboard mailing box and I put treats in it.  I cannot put treats in this because the oils from the treats are absorbed into the toy (only on the inside).  The outside is sealed and will not absorb the oil but I do not put treats on top.  The point of putting the treats inside the toy is that the cats have to work to get them.  It doesn't fold down, either.

Besides those drawbacks, I really like the toy (seriously!).  It is very sturdy as you can see Artie is standing on the toy in one of the pictures.  He is a heavy cat, weighing about 13 pounds (he is 11 months old!).  The toy doesn't bow or anything while he is standing on it.  I put enticing toys inside and watch them try to get them out.  At night, I put a lot of toys inside and by morning almost all of them-and sometimes all of them-are on the floor around the toy.
I think it is fairly expensive (about $18) because it doesn't do anything-nothing motorized, no sounds, etc.  I think it is worth it if you have bored kitties.  Even some older, playful cats of mine liked it.  

Here is a link to this toy on

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