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Monday, February 16, 2009

His diabetes is going away? I hope!

Thank you to anonymous who sent me a link to an educational site about Diabetes that is fun!  It is written by a doctor who also happens to be a cartoonist!

Check it out!

Jonathon, my foster cat who has diabetes is doing much better!  He is now down to 1 unit of insulin and may become transient (which means he may no longer need me to give him insulin).  

The following is an exerpt from 

In studies, anywhere from 10% to 40% of diabetic cats were found to have a reversible type of diabetes mellitus called ‘transient diabetes’.

Some of these cats can be brought back to normal insulin function by losing weight, if they are obese. For others, a short period of treatment with insulin can sometimes buy them time to allow reversal of the condition. The insulin keeps the cat alive long enough for its pancreas to regain the ability to produce insulin naturally.

However, there is no way for your veterinarian to know at the start whether your cat's diabetes is reversible.

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