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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cat switch-a-roo!

A lot has been going on in the last few days.

Jackson, Isabella and Daisy have moved to the shelter.  I feel sad about bringing a cat to the shelter every time.  It can be the best thing for them.  I say 'can' because some cats don't adjust very well.  If that happens, I will bring them back.  When I put Isabella in a cage, she seemed to be totally fine with the situation.  She was just smelling around the cage, looking around at everything.  I was very pleased that she seemed to be doing okay.

Jackson was very hissy but I know he will calm down in a few days.  He wants to put up a front so the other cats think he is tough.  haha!

Daisy was so scared, she wouldn't come out of her carrier.  I felt really bad for her.  I tried to make her come out of the carrier but she wouldn' I took the door off and left her in the carrier.

I am going to visit them today.

A new cat, Jonathon, who has diabetes and is FIV positive has moved in.  The only way I could take him is if those three moved to the shelter.  Jackson was going to move to the shelter anyway, as soon as a spot opened up in the room he would be in.

Daisy needed to go at some point because she needs a little more socialization and it is good for cats like her to be introduced to many different people who don't hurt them so they start to trust humans in general, rather than just my boyfriend and I.

I had no real plans to bring Isabella to the shelter (I guess) because I thought it would be too much trouble to medicate her.  She just needs ear drops every 3 days and her ears must be cleaned once a week.  Her previous owners neglected her and let ear mites sit in her ears for weeks.  They abandoned her and Jackson in a house with no food for three weeks before anyone realized they were there.  The ear mites caused both of her ear drums to burst.  They burst as a result of the immense infection and ear mites in her ears.  The vet said she can still hear muffled sounds.  Every time she is in a car, she vomits because of her ear problems.

I haven't been able to put a picture of Lucy online yet, so here she is:

Lucy is shy, she was born outside to a feral mother.  I am taming her.  She is just a little hissy and our goal is to have her available for adoption on the weekend of the 14th.  She is adjusting nicely here.  Right now, I have her in the hallway with Karma and they are playing.  I have a baby gate up to keep them in there.  In a few days, Lucy will be able to run around with everyone else.

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