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Monday, February 9, 2009

Updates on Jackson, Daisy, Isabella and Annie

I went to visit Jackson, Isabella, Daisy and Annie yesterday.  As you may know, I brought all of them but Annie to the shelter last Tuesday so I could have space to bring Jonathon here.  Jonathon is FIV+ and diabetic and needed foster care to stabilize him.  

Jackson was very hissy the first day or two.  Isabella was pretty much fine the day I brought her.  She was curious and wanted to investigate.  She didn't want to hide which I was really happy about.  She seemed to feel fine about the situation.  Daisy hid for a few days.  Yesterday, when I saw her, she was sitting in her litter box.  For some reason, when cats are nervous, they sit in their litter boxes.  She was hiding in a little cubby, laying under the blankets for the first few days.  I was so happy to see that she had progressed to sitting in the litter box.  I also visited Annie who was really happy to see me.  She rolled around and wanted me to scratch her belly and under her chin. 

I feel a lot better about all of them.  It was hard for me to bring them to the shelter.  Now, I am happy I did because they are much more available for adoption.  It is hard to get a cat adopted when they are in a foster home.  The only way the public is aware of them is their picture on petfinder.  Now that they are living at the shelter, I don't have to arrange for a time for the prospective parents to meet them.  They can meet them anytime!

This picture of Jackson is sad.  I was leaving and I decided to take another picture of him.  He meowed and reached out to me.  I felt really sad when I left but I know that he is safe and is getting taken care of.  I would never leave them if I felt they would be neglected.  I am going to visit them on Wednesday.  

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