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Saturday, March 15, 2008

$5 Bounty taken off the heads of feral cats in Iowa!

Feral Cat Round-up in Randolph Canceled!
March 13, 2008 : 4:20 PM
City of Randolph tried to instate bounty on cats - Not So Fast!

Breaking News!
Read the Omaha World-Herald article

It has been reported that the mayor canceled the bounty on the cats!

Best Friends is collaborating with the mayor of Randolph to devise and institute humane alternatives to controlling the feral cat population. We are excited to work with the city to devise a solution that the citizens of Randolph can be proud of.

Feral cat advocate organizations plan to make a presentation at a special City Council meeting next Thursday. The three main entities creating the plan are Best Friends Animal Society, Alley Cat Allies, and Feline Friendz in Nebraska.

Best Friends Volunteer Manager Tiffani Hill was able to orchestrate some extraordinary volunteers to go to last night's meeting. The outpouring of concerned citizens and volunteers are making this possible. Holly Sizemore of No More Homeless Pets Utah has a PowerPoint presentation ready for next week's meeting.

Please stay tuned!

The Background
Animal welfare organizations from across the country are mobilizing to help fight this short-sighted and barbaric proposal, which would put a $5 price tag on each cat brought in! This smacks of the ill-fated Wisconsin proposal to allow cat killing - start spreading the news and get everyone you know to get active against this proposal.

To read some of the background story click here

Read CNN's article!

How You Can Help
Please send a letter to the mayor, to thank him for deciding to work with Best Friends and other humane groups.

Mayor Vance Trively
107 S Main St
Randolph, Iowa 51649

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