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Monday, March 17, 2008

Two cats up for adoption

I am fostering two cute kitties who are up for adoption. They were abandoned in their house when their owners moved out. They have both been altered, both have their claws and they are both up to date on vaccinations.

The black cat above is Isabella. Isabella is very loving and likes to lay on your lap. She is vocal and chatty. Her interests include grooming, playing, looking out the window, laying in the sun and scratching on the scratching post. Below is video of Isabella playing with her mouse.

This is Jack. Jack is a laid back guy who likes his space. He will come to you when he wants attention. He always likes the occasional kiss on the head while he sleeps. He has a very cute face including freckles on his nose and tufts of bright red hair on top of his ears. Jack's interests include sleeping, stretching, stalking birds from the window, laying in the sun, and playing with his foster sister (another cat, not Isabella).

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