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Thursday, March 27, 2008

My top 10 favorite cat toys

I have cats of my own and I volunteer at an animal shelter. I see lots of toys that get no use and toys that actually have to be thrown away because they are used so much they no longer function.

It seems that certain types of cats like different toys. If I have noticed the type of cat that likes a toy, I will note that in the review. These toys are not necessarily the only ones available, there are many versions of each one of the toys below.

These are in no particular order. I was initially going to list them in order but how can I choose? They all have good qualities! (Pictures are linked to, where you can price them or see the different varieties)

This kind of toy requires minimal effort on your part and most cats love it, even lazy cats will swat at it a time or two. Any kind of toy like this will do, it doesn't need to be fancy.

There are lots of different mice to play with. I have found that these kind are a favorite--by far! I am not sure what it is about these mice, the noise they make, their size, their hard bodies (as opposed to cotton mice). Cats love these! Many, many of these have been thrown away at the shelter because they are too damaged to play with anymore.

Very playful adult cats and kittens like this. I often throw a treat or two into the outer/bottom part which cats can easily get it out. If you put it in the top, they will never get it.

Random balls are always a good thing. Cats can play with them alone or with you. I have a long hallway and I just stand on one side, throwing all the balls, then go to the other side and throw them all back. My cat, Ashtyn, loves to run. Try to vary the types of balls you play with until you find the ones you cat likes the most. There are solid balls that bounce, open balls with things inside, noisy ones, quiet ones, ones that light up, lightweight, heavy balls, etc. The options are endless!

My cats absolutely LOVE the Fat Cat brand of toys and catnip. I have found that some brands my cats love and some they ignore. Explore the pet aisle to find the one your cat likes. I like this toy because I can take out the catnip and wash the little duck bag when it gets gross. There aren't many on the market that can be washed.

Tunnels! Many cats love tunnels. If you have more than one cat, make sure to get a tunnel that has holes throughout and not just the ends. Just in case they get in a fight, one of the cats can make a quick escape. Make sure it is sturdy. Cats generally don't like tunnels that collapse on them.

This toy seems to cater to the high energy cats and some kittens. For those who don't want to play with it, there is a nice scratcher in the middle. Try putting some catnip into the cardboard scratcher, they love it.

There are a few toys like this but I wish there were more. This caters to the hunter in your feline. Try throwing some treats inside among the balls and mice for a pleasant surprise. No cat can resist this. *Note: You can easily make one of these out of a shallow box. I made one out of the box that my keyboard came it. Cut out holes on the top and sides, your cats will love it.

This is great for kittens. Kittens have played with these much more than adult cats. It could be because of it's size. It is fairly small, maybe 8-10 inches wide. As I said before, there are other versions of this kind of toy.

This is a laser pointer. I bought one a "dollar store". It still works just fine. It also came with different filters for when you get bored of the same red circle. If you want a red mouse on the floor or walls, you probably have to buy one that is for cats. This is great, you can sit on the couch and watch tv while you play with your cat!

Are there toys that your cat loves that you don't see here?
Leave a comment or email me and tell me about it!

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