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Monday, March 31, 2008

My pregnant feral cat dilemma Pt. 2

My true feelings came out this morning. I no longer have to wonder what I think about the situation. I am not sure if I was in shock or what last night but I wasn't thinking clearly.

I was talking to my boyfriend about this in the car this morning. After about 5 minutes of him telling me how sad he was about the kittens, I started to cry. I saw it so clearly.

I cannot believe that I did not go with my initial instinct of keeping the cat here to have her kittens. I knew the "ethical" answer at the very beginning but I was persuaded by different outside sources.

I feel deeply saddened that this happened and I will never do it again.

I believe in not killing any living being unless they are sick to the point of no return. There was nothing wrong with this kittens, that I know of. They had every right to a chance in life as any other animal...these kittens just weren't born yet.

I read and read online last night to get different perspectives on this issue. There are many perspectives. None of them really helped me.

This morning I made up my mind about it and I do not believe in killing any animal unless they are sick. That includes, not killing kittens, in utero.

Of course there is a pet overpopulation problem. That is evident. It does not mean we should go around killing innocent unborn kittens. They are already here. All we can do is prevent new births.

I deeply regret what I did. In humans, I believe life begins at conception. I do not agree with abortions at any time during the pregnancy. Why didn't I think about that when I was contemplating what to do with these kittens? I think everyone has a right to life. I was influenced by outside sources and didn't listen to my instincts. Next time, I will trust myself and only myself.

I made the decision but I will never make that decision again. Ever.

This is her this morning:

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