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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Man who fatally mutilated dog he stole from a vehicle is sentenced in York County, Maine

Michael Morin is accused of breaking into a truck’s passenger compartment and stealing Bandit, a Jack Russell Terrier and later slitting his throat, resulting in his death. Morin had apparently been a dating a woman who lived near the bar, and he thought that the dog’s owner had been visiting her, said York County Sheriff Maurice Ouellette. Morin allegedly slit the dog’s throat, leaving it to bleed to death in the bed of the truck.

In addition 8 months of jail time, Morin was ordered by the court to pay the dog's owner, Ron Pelletier of Kennebunk, restitution in the amount of $875. Morin will also be on probation for two years following the completion of his sentence.

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