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Friday, March 7, 2008

Vet thinks yellow lab was used as bait dog-mouth tied shut--found severely wounded-Please donate if you can!

This story is from a group I am in:

I just stopped by the Cherokee County Animal Shelter with Mary Carpenter
from Saving Gaffney Pets and there was a yellow lab there that had been
hit by a car or shot or beaten. She had a wound in her chest and a wound
in her backend and she was bleeding profusely... Out of her nose and
mouth and both wounds. Her paws were covered in blood. It was TERRIBLE.

She was attacked by another dog and it looks like
she just rolled over on her back and let the other dog maul her. She is
covered in wounds over her body... The weird thing is that she has
bruises on her face, so the vet said she might have been used as a bait
dog and they tied her mouth shut. It's sick, really. I haven't gotten a
final total on her care yet, but right now it is at upwards of $500.

She needs all the help she can get. I talked with the vet today and she
has three broken bones as well.

If anyone wants to donate, please call (864) 489-8446 (Piedmont Animal
Hospital) in the morning (03/03) and tell them it's for the Yellow Lab
Saving Gaffney Pets is bringing in.

This is the rescue that is currently paying for this poor dog's care:

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