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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Chained dog dying in Florida-Needs rescue

(This is a message from a group I belong to-I did not write this)

Please help!! I cannot possibly stress how important
this is!! We have no time to get there! This poor
dog is in really, really bad shape.

Let me explain, my mother is in FL visiting my 80 yr
old aunt. The man next door is a retired Indian man,
who curses constantly, and is extremely violent
towards his dog, and my aunt has known about this, but
is old, alone, and too scared to do anything. My
mother has been there for a week, and has witnessed
many horrors, but it is only today that she told me
about the dog.

Tonight when I spoke to her - she said that the poor
dog could barely
struggle to his feet a couple of times today before
collapsing. Tonight is supposed to be bitter cold, and
he is laying out there in the dirt with no food, no
water, no housing and he is skin and bones. She said
he's dying! I hope he can hang on a little longer so
he can be rescued, and experience some kind human

She witnessed him laying there hopelessly in the bad
rain storm last night too, barely able to lift his
head to bark, and when he did manage, the man came out
and beat him with a stick. My mother said you could
see how pitifully skinny his entire back end is. I
can only imagine you can count his ribs as well.
Apparently there is no animal control there in the
area, because (according to the police officer my
mother spoke to), no one wants the job.

By the way - the police officer my mother spoke to did
not say anything to this man or make an effort to
uphold the law because I guess he's just another one
who thinks "it's just a dog".

Please I beg you - I would like to keep in close
contact with whatever is happening to him, and if
there is no one that can help him rehabilitate, I will
offer my home as a safe haven for him.

I am a single mom with 4 of my own dogs, but certainly
I can make some kind of provisions for him to see that
he gets better.

I live about 6 hours away, and I tell you, if I didn't
have a little 4 yr old, I'd be in the car right now
driving to get this dog !! God help him!!
I don't even know what kind of dog he is, but I do
know that he needs help.

My aunt lives on the corner of Ingham and South Pine
Street in Hillaird, FL. She says this guy is right
next door to her on South Pine Street.

Please call me if you have any questions. That is all
the information I know of as far as location, I don't
have a house number, but it's got to be the first
house after the corner. My aunt is petrified, and will
not go outside and look at his house for a number. She
is 80 years old and doesn't want any trouble.

Please call me if you have any questions (704)
545-7079. That is my home number.

Thank God there are people like you who reach out so
quickly to see if you can help!!! I am new down south
and don't know anyone here and don't know who to turn

God Bless You,
Thank You!

(704) 545-7079

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