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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Alaska: Support Felony Penalties for Animal Cruelty

Alaska is one of just seven states in the entire country with no felony-level penalties for the most egregious acts of intentional animal cruelty, such as burning, poisoning, and torture.

Legislation (S.B. 273) has been introduced in the Alaska Senate to make it a felony to torture or poison an animal. This bill also increases the penalties for being a spectator at an animal fight. Stronger animal cruelty laws are essential to protect animals and our communities. It is critical that legislators hear from their constituents who support this bill!

Please make a brief, polite call to your state senator and urge support for S.B. 273 to strengthen Alaska's animal cruelty law. Click here to look up your state senator and the phone number.

After you make your phone call, fill out and submit the form on the right to automatically send an email to your senator. Remember to personalize the text below so that your message will stand out and have a greater impact.

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